Anna Discussed in Management Institutes

Indian social activist Anna Hazare has become a subject of study in management institutes according to sources, few reputed Institutes like FMS Delhi & IIMs are discussing about how Anna Hazare has reached to the masses. Anna has eventually become a brand and a house hold name, my 7 year old kid too talks about … Read moreAnna Discussed in Management Institutes

Prime Minister Writes to Shri Anna Hazare

The Prime Minister has written to Shri Anna Hazare on the Lokpal issue. The text of the letter is as follows: Over the last few days, I have watched with increasing concern the state of your health. Despite the differences between the Government and your team, I do not think that anybody is or should … Read morePrime Minister Writes to Shri Anna Hazare

IIT & IIM Students Too Fast Supporting Anna Hazare

Bunch of IIT & IIM students along with faculty members will sacrifice one meal in the day expressing their support for the Gandhian Anna Hazare. An online petition has been made on seeking support from public till Anna Hazare is on fast. Reportedly the online petition has been signed by the faculty members of … Read moreIIT & IIM Students Too Fast Supporting Anna Hazare