How to prepare for September MAT? What is the difference for this MAT and Dec MAT?

AskCategory: MBA-PGDMHow to prepare for September MAT? What is the difference for this MAT and Dec MAT?
Sneha asked 8 months ago

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Harshitha replied 8 months ago

Hey, I m too preparing for Sep MAT. Which book do you follow. R u taking any coaching for MAT?

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1 Answers
Admin Team Staff answered 8 months ago

MAT exam is easy compared to entrance exams like CAT or XAT. To say the least this is the easiest management entrance exam. There is no individual sectional cutoff. Usually it is basics, you should concentrate more on sections which you are very good at. Don’t experiment or guess any questions, if you know you mark if not you leave, there is negative marking. All the 4 sections are easy except GK or General Awareness that doesn’t count in the final scoring. All the best.

Above 600 composite score is always good. MAT is a for 800 marks.

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