How relevant are the current GD, PI & selection process at BSchools


Nine out of ten times the chances are more that a B-School will select a student in their selection process. Be it be GD, PI or any other format like micro presentation etc, the chances of someone not getting selected are almost bleak. Leaving the Top 100 Business Schools out of the 5000 odd Business Schools in India; nearly 60% of them don’t create enough value for the student.

It becomes tough for a student to identify which are those 40% Business Schools who can do a fair task. Given the high range of fees the Business Schools are charging one often gets a doubt is it worth to spend Lakhs of rupees on the lower rung B-Schools. India is one of those countries which is showing importance in Engineering, it is becoming a common career choice after +2. Do Engineering then go for Masters simply attempt one of the management entrance exams and get yourself enrolled for the MBA or PGDM course.

It shouldn’t be the case, one must understand the purpose of doing a Masters course and also do some self brain storming to understand about why an MBA is required? Parents readily sending students with a hope of making them highly educated and qualified but they are failing to understand that the exposure what is required will be missed if you hit straight to an MBA without solid work experience. Our advice would be work for atleast two years of time before going for MBA, this will give you an edge even if you do from the not so great Business School you will still have a potential to secure a decent job with a good pay. You can buy a degree but you can’t buy experience that is where the problem is coming. B-Schools are failing to provide placements primarily because the students who are graduating are of no interest to the corporate.

Coming to the relevancy of GD, PI and Selection Process at Business Schools they are simply trash. You will get selected irrespective of how good or how bad you are, all they want is your money. If you are eligible to study like having 50% or more in Graduation with some entrance exam score then you are Welcome to study.

The education quality is degrading time and again, students produced by these low rung B-Schools are selling Soaps and Sim cards there isn’t a point doing that. So research carefully about the kind of placement what you may get after doing your Masters.

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  1. Excellent blog for lots of extremely use bits of information and facts! It is a very good feeling to finally acquire such a handy resource.

  2. There are many B-schools like IIM Ahmadabad that conduct WAT written ability test in addition of GD, PI so students must keep their written ability up to mark to get admission in paramount institute.

  3. As usual, a post worth reading.
    Loved to read it till end and came to learn a lot from this.
    Thanks for sharing such a great info.

    Lots of ideas.Thanks for increasing our knowledge.


    Keep sharing.

  4. In today’s context, the educational institutes and organizations are interested in team players rather than individual contributors. During the Group Discussion, the panel essentially evaluates the candidate’s potential to be a leader and also his/her ability to work in teams. Remember that institutes are typically on the look out for candidates who will inspire to lead and succeed and for that you need to be a good team player.


    • Sneha,

      Your points are valid, but the debate is that why do business schools select everyone in the group discussion irrespective of whether they talk or not. What are they trying to show to students, we need students but we need to do this show off??


      • the main aim to schedule GD round is to short list candidates who are confident, who has good communication skills and have dare to take decisions etc so if you focus on above facts you will surelly crack this round

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  7. Thankyou for sharing such a useful information with us,the content you have wrote is wonderful.I would like to add some information so that someone could get information in addition to your content.
    The key components of selection process at B-schools
    1.  Be ready with ‘must know questions’:You should be well prepared with the basic questions revolving around your thought process about your career, life and ambitions, such as ‘why MBA’, ‘how will it relate to your goal’, ‘how does your academic background relate to your goal’, ‘how relevant your experience’, ‘why do you want to join a particular institute’.
    2. Reflect confidence:During Personal Interview, you should reflect confidence while answering to different questions. Interviewers often tend to cross-question you even on your right answers just to check your confidence on your own answers.
    3. Be honest to yourself and interviewers:During PI, you are also tested for integrity of your basic characteristics like honesty. Your honest approach during your interview also makes your responses natural.
    4. Be Polite:Your politeness during the interview also brings positive impression on your interviewers.
    5. Drive the interview towards your strength:While the questions asked in the interview may vary from candidate to candidate, it is important for you to gradually invite the questions from your areas of strength as the interview progress.
    6. Stay calm:During the interview, you should stay calm and never look stressed. If you are not confident of an answer, try to skip it. In case, you are countered on a particular question repeatedly, politely stick to your answer if you are confident on the same.
    7. Positive body language and approach:Your body language and approach during the interview should reflect positivity. Experts say that your smart response and right answers must be supported by your positive expressions, constructive approach and attentive nature during the interview. Your sitting posture should be formal throughout the interview.
    8. Be thorough with what you write in your CV:During the interview, interviewers also tend to pick questions based on the information that your CV carries. Interviewers expect you to be fully prepared with minute details on any information that you provide in your CV.

    I hope this information will also be be useful for readers.

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