Crazy questions people asking about CAT 2014

I don’t know what people understand about CAT (Common Admission Test) one of the toughest management entrance exams in the World. Someone asking a silly question like how to crack CAT is same as asking how can I become a billionaire in a day or two. It is hard work, practice and commitment towards your goal that will take you to the path where you wish to.

Here are some crazy questions people asking related to CAT 2014 on internet & on some forums

  1. What should be the strategy to crack CAT 2014? – If it is a strategy let it be your own, why ask someone’s strategy? If something works for someone doesn’t mean it works for you. So please focus on your own strengths and play the game to your potential.
  2. Which section should I attempt first in CAT 2014? – These are naturally questions people ask for the sake of asking. How does it really matter which section you attempt? When the rule says you can start with any section, so start with the section which you are comfortable instead of breaking your head and worrying about what others have started.
  3. How many questions should I answer in each section? – There is some trick to it, there is negative marking for wrong answers and no penalty for questions left alone. So answer questions which you are sure and leave alone the questions which you aren’t sure. It should not happen so that if someone tells you to answer 30 questions and you know only 20 questions and for the sake of answering you don’t go and answer the other ten to make up the number.
  4. What CAT percentile is required to get calls from IIMs? – Concentrate on the test first, do as best as you can. Usually IIMs set cutoff’s or sectional cutoff’s post the CAT results, so stop worrying about getting calls from IIMs. If you have done well and deserve a call from IIMs for sure you will get it. Don’t forget that there are many other Business Schools which are as good as IIMs. FMS Delhi, SP Jain, TAPMI Manipal, MDI, IIFT and so on. Not getting a call from IIM is not the end of the road.


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  2. The major hurdle for CAT exam is every individual takes it as the most complicated exam from the first day of preparation. So, try to avoid that thought which will lead to great success in cracking CAT paper.

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  7. The new schedule as announced by the CAT center 2014 in lieu of the earlier one is that the candidates can now rectify the discrepancies in Date of Birth and Gender w e f 12 PM on Nov 27 to 12Pm on December 2014.

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