Siemens India launches Scholarship for engineering students

  • Siemens India rolls out Scholarship Program across government engineering colleges in Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.
  • First batch of meritorious engineering students hailing from economically disadvantaged families provided scholarships.
  • The program is in line with Siemens India’s strategy to support and promote technical education.

As part of the first batch of the Program, 20 meritorious students were provided scholarships covering tuition and stationary expenses for the first year of their graduation course. The scholarships were presented to the students in the presence of their parents.


The scholarships cover tuition and stationary expenses for the first year of their graduation course. Additionally, training, projects and mentorship provided by Siemens would acquaint the students with the dynamics of the industry, thereby leading to their holistic development. In the first phase, Siemens reached out to all government engineering colleges of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa.

The students belong to economically-disadvantaged families, most of whom are based in small towns and villages. Among the students are a labourer’s son who is pursuing his Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Computer Science and Information Technology student whose widowed mother earns a living through tailoring and a farmer’s daughter who is studying for an Electronics and Telecommunications engineering degree.

For these students, professional education acts as a liberating force from thier existing living conditions. The choice of a career in engineering requires them to put in hours of toil through their final two years of senior secondary school followed by painstakingly preparing for the entrance examination in order to gain entrance through merit. It would prove a great loss, to their immediate family as well as the industry, if they give up at this stage of their education for lack of finance!


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