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Finding the right business school in India is a tedious job, especially with Business Schools under MAT (Management Aptitude Test). For Business Schools through CAT (Common Admission Test), XAT (Xavier’s Aptitude Test) or SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test), there is a structured procedure; participating business schools announce their cutoffs in CAT, XAT & SNAP. Students can predict their scores and apply in advance. Shortlisted students will receive calls from these elite business schools (IIMs, XLRIs, Symbiosis Business Schools) to attend for further round of selection process. The selection process typically involves written assessment or GD, PI or both.

Most MAT colleges, excepting very few doesn’t have this process; as there are over 5000+ Business Schools in India there is a huge supply demand gap. The number of seats across Business Schools are higher than the number of aspiring MBA students. The confusion starts when few business schools simply sent invitation mails to students to attend GD, PI and not to forget those tele-calls, “we have a GD, PI in our Institute premises on so and so date you have been shortlisted to attend”. Those who have not applied to particular business schools too receive brochures, emails, tele-calls informing them to attend the selection process.

One has to understand that irrespective of his or her MAT score, the interview call letters are sent. Only few Business Schools keep a high cutoff in MAT, to name a few Christ University Institute of Management in Bangalore which has 600 composite score as cutoff in MAT and 70%le in CAT.

Now how do you find the right business school for you? Rankings given by media companies are sometimes biased, it doesn’t give a true picture. Some Media Companies rank XYZ business schools ahead of IIMs and it sounds very hilarious as everyone knows it doesn’t make any sense.

Parameters to evaluate business schools

  1. Return on Investment: The tuition fee for your MBA / PGDM charged by the Business School. Remember you are investing 2 years of your time + Lakhs of Rupess. When will you recover the fees? Make an analysis, see the kind of placements the business school offers and match with your Investment. When will you recover your or your parent’s hard earned money.
  2. Authenticity of the college / degree: Check the credentials of the business schools and it’s courses. There are business schools which offer distance MBA programmes and charge a handsome Rs 5 to 7 Lakh fees. It really doesn’t worth, they may show you placement brochures indicating the highest salary as 50 or 60 Lakh and it would be foolish on your part to believe such claims.
  3. Feedback of the current students: Consider taking the current students feedback, they mayn’t open up when you meet them in the campus. Interact with them via social media, contact them over Mobile, ofcourse you can collect their numbers by asking them in the campus.
  4. Batch size: There is a reason why IIMs have limited number of seats; it has to do with something called as faculty student ratio. There is no fun if everyone who has given CAT gets a seat in IIMs; then no one bothers to get into IIMs after few years. No (Good) Business School wants their brand name to be diluted, but few business schools interested in only making money doesn’t bother about limiting it’s MBA batch size. They take hundreds of students, but the big question is how do they place them? So think of it.
  5. Don’t believe reviews online: I don’t know why would anyone just believe the reviews written by some unknown people online. Most reviewers hide their real names and write something which truly is their opinion. Marketers representing business schools take this as an opportunity and inflate reviews.
  6. See it yourself and experience it: There is no harm in visiting business schools individually, it is good for you and for your career. You are going to spend your two years of time + your X amount of money, obviously take a glance and walk through classrooms, library, faculty lounges and interact with current students.
  7. Alumni satisfaction: In very rare cases current students endorse their Business School, for instance I have walked through several business schools in India which are under MAT and surprised to notice that none of their current students endorsed their particular business school, few of them have suggested some other business schools and the story is same after going their. Most students express dissatisfaction over their current business schools, primary reason being tall claims from their business schools at the time of their admission. Sooner or later students find that they are just claims and they turn dissatisfied and few may call them as immature. Talk over to their alumni on social networking sites such as Linkedin and get their opinion too, as they are already in jobs and they sound positive about their business schools. Take current students and alumni opinion.
  8. Parents opinion: If you have educated parents take their opinion too.
  9. Don’t confuse yourself: Don’t confuse by visiting every college in the City, shortlist few and see if these satisfies you and take your admission and stop worrying about it. You can worry before taking the decision but not after taking the decision, so trust yourself. ‘X sounds to be better than ‘Y’ but if you have ‘Y’ you may feel ‘X’ to be better. There are several students who have rolled back after paying the admission fees and joined in similar other colleges. Most Business Schools under MAT fall under the same category Average or Below Average there isn’t much you can expect. If you expect more than crack CAT or XAT.
  10. Be positive: IIMs aren’t anything without talented students, IIMs are top because talented students go there to study. If you have a positive mind set you can excel in any business school, the business schools can only teach you they won’t write or write-off your fate.

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  1. Nice article , it is very difficult to find good business school for further studies. Following reason

    Remove quota

    Private College and university charge too much fund

    If student break the exam of CAT even after he/she need to do lot of handwork to take admission in Government or reputed business school

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