Why AAP or Arvind Kejriwal taken support of Congress


Today is a big day in the history, it is the beginning of the story not the end. A common man who raised to power against all odds, ofcourse it is Arvind Kejriwal’s or AAP’s day. Today he has taken oath as the new Chief Minister of Delhi and insanely he is the youngest to sworn as CM of Delhi.

Why AAP or Kejriwal has to take support of Congress? Some believe that AAP and Congress are hand in hand but that really isn’t the case. It is a hung parliament in Delhi somebody has to take the driver’s seat, ironically both BJP and AAP initially said we will be happy to sit in the opposition. The numbers aren’t enough for both BJP & AAP, downside Congress has only 8 seats which are handy for BJP or AAP to form the Government.

Neither BJP nor Congress will show mutual interest to either ask or give support; obviously the default it has to be AAP. When Kejriwal said, we don’t like to take support of either BJP or Congress then everyone criticized what a leader he is. Why he wastes public money for another elections? instead why not form the Government? Today he did that, now everyone says, Kejriwal is taking the support of Congress; ditching it’s supporters? The views changes from plus to minus and minus to plus.

Seriously no big deal, someone has to take the lead and the only party which can add up the numbers of either BJP or AAP is Congress. You got to take it up!

Please give sometime to Kejriwal ji, what the other parties hasn’t done from decades AAP cannot do in Weeks or Months. Let us pray & wish Kejriwal (or rather a common man) all the best!

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