10 things you wish to know about Arvind Kejriwal


Arvind_KejriwalThe buzz is all about Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party especially post the Delhi Assembly Elections. What makes this man special, a look at 10 things we all should know about Arvind Kejriwal.

  1. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur
  2. He worked as an IRS (Indian Revenue Service) officer and also worked as the Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department
  3. Today we have the Right to Information Act (RTI), it is because of him
  4. He is also known for his draft proposal on Jan Lokpal Bill
  5. Post his resignation from IRS, he went on to found an NGO firm ‘Public Cause Research Foundation’ in the year 2006
  6. He is the recipent of ‘Ramon Magsaysay Award’ – which is ideally considered as a Noble Prize in Asia
  7. Kejriwal hails from a well educated family, his father was an electrical engineer from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  8. Kejriwal is married to IRS officer Sunita his batchmate from National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie
  9. Kejriwal established the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in November 2012
  10. Kejriwal’s AAP creates history in the Delhi Assembly Elections held on 04 December 2013; his party managed to bag 28 assembly seats out of the 70 seats

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    (NOV 21 ‘13) A Jew, the first and only psychologist to be given a Nobel Prize in Economics — about which I wrote (‘ How India’s Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year Or More’ : How IndiasEconomyCanGrowDOTblogspotDOTcom) “When an American psychologist was given the Nobel Prize in Economics a couple of years ago, I pointed out that his work had not the millionth part of the significance my work has for Economics. … ” — was given the United States’ highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, yesterday as was Bill Clinton about whom I wrote (HowIndiasEconomyCanGrowDOTblogspotDOTcom): “the firangis gave the Nobel prize in Economics to the mediocre Indian named Amartya Sen as a substitute for the Nobel prize for me since they would not let their crimes against me, committed in collaboration with India’s RAW and India’s prime ministers, be exposed. When Clinton, as president, held a White House conference on the “New Economy”, the “New Economy” was the economy that my proposal about money leads to; of all the dozens of Nobel prize winners in Economics, he invited Amartya Sen to the conference — though Sen had absolutely nothing to do with the “New Economy” — because he is their mediocre Indian substitute for the greatest Indian of all time they have been committing crimes against. When Amartya Sen was given the Nobel prize, Vajpayee left New Delhi for several days to avoid meeting him, because he knew Sen was the firangis’ dummy substitute to cover their crimes against me, but RAW kept Sen waiting in New Delhi several days till Vajpayee yielded and gave him all the honours CIA-RAW wanted him to receive as a substitute for me”. Obama, who gave the award to the Jew and Clinton, has continued to apply my proposal about money, like Clinton and George W. Bush, to the U.S. economy (see IndiasLegitimateRulerSatishChandraDOTblogspotDOTcom) : “It is noteworthy that both the United States government and the Indian government had proceeded to implement my proposal about money, as I have described in letters dated August 1, 2001, September 6, 2001 and April 13, 2001 (also letters about stock market manipulation by the U.S. Treasury Department by pumping money into the stock market; Bush made a trip through an underground tunnel from the White House to the Treasury Department to see the set up created for such manipulation) that appeared in the American online newspaper thecurrentonline; they can be found at SatishChandraInTheCurrentonlineDOTblogspotDOTcom . The Vajpayee government set up a separate Cabinet Committee on Economic Strategy for the purpose of stealing my proposal about money. When I pointed out that they were trying to STEAL my proposal about money, they stopped implementing it. The U.S. Federal Reserve has been buying more than a trillion dollars of U.S. Treasury bonds every year — another way of applying my proposal about money. The DMK government in Tamil Nadu was having Indian currency printed in China with the connivance of the head of the Reserve Bank of India, given to A. Raja as bribes and used to give freebies to the people of Tamil Nadu — its way of applying my proposal about money since the Central government would not apply it to India as a whole”. Rather, the Indian government is letting the U.S. take ownership and control of India by simply printing money.

    So long as I keep writing, CIA-RAW can manage things because it controls the media, government, all political parties and the general public. What it cannot manage is the explosion of emplaced nuclear warheads in Washington and New York. Fearing that India’s nuclear forces were about to explode the emplaced nuclear warheads, CIA-RAW allowed the expose of Modi’s surveillance of a woman to get into the media since I have said that Modi is CIA-sponsored. But after I wrote the paragraph dated Nov 20 ‘13 below, RAW had the staff of Tehelka — a RAW-sponsored organ whose first sting operation was on George Fernandes, with whom I had once spoken over the phone, to ensure that he never utters a word about the 24-hour satellite surveillance and harassment against me for the past 36 years — stage a sexual harassment scenario which has completely eclipsed Modi’s surveillance of the woman in the media. But I could write till hell freezes over and it will not make the slightest difference to CIA-RAW’s absolute, total control of India. Only exploding the nuclear warheads to destroy Washington, New York and RAW will end CIA rule over India.

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    (NOV 12 ‘13) Regarding the 4 earthquakes in 3 hours in New Delhi : the nuclear explosions that will destroy RAW Headquarters and South Block & North Block will also cause earthquakes. No one is saying that like the visit of the evil Pope and super cyclones in Orissa (below), these earthquakes are related to the evil in New Delhi (below). But the earthquakes caused by the nuclear explosions definitely will be due to the evil in New Delhi.

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    (NOV 7 ‘13) Neither Agni I, nor Agni II or Agni III or Agni IV or Agni V make India dominant over the United States; only exploding the nuclear warheads emplaced in Washington and New York, with a warning that warheads emplaced in additional U.S. cities will be exploded if there is any retaliation, does. These emplaced warheads are India’s super-weapon to establish dominance over the enemy. Missiles will be useful after dominance has been established, to totally destroy and rub this enemy into the dirt. The enemy’s proxy which is the Indian government also has to be destroyed. After blowing up an Indian submarine, the United States right now is conducting anti-submarine warfare exercises with India, rendering the rest of India’s submarines useless and subverting the Indian navy’s officers and men — the service chiefs and senior officers are already subverted. The new governor of the Reserve Bank who works for the CIA is bringing American banks, letting the U.S. take ownership and control of India by simply printing money. The head of ISRO who congratulated his staff for the successful development of GSLV before a test because he knew it had been sabotaged is expressing hope that the success of the mission to Mars will prompt the United States to take control of ISRO which is what he means by other countries becoming more interested in collaborative missions with India. In every sphere of life India’s government is rushing India into slavery to the United States. Taking control of India away from proxies of the CIA by the simultaneous destruction of Washington, New York and RAW, South Block, North Block is necessary to destroy the enemy United States.

    (NOV 6 ‘13) Any evacuation of New Delhi/ Delhi will eliminate surprise and prompt the United States and its Indian proxies to do everything possible to avoid being destroyed. I have shown ( in NuclearSupremacyForIndiaOverUSDOTblogspotDOTcom ) that everyone in New Delhi / Delhi is a collaborator with the enemy and wrote that ideally the entire population of New Delhi / Delhi should be killed; in fact there will be a gradient of destruction radiating from ground zero. One of the warheads should be targeted at RAW headquarters and one at South Block and North Block on Raisina Hill.

    (OCT 29 ‘13) People are aghast that Modi went ahead with his Patna rally after half a dozen bombs had already exploded at the venue and several had been killed. Others are aghast that the Home Minister went to a Bollywood music function hours after the explosions and deaths in Patna. No one is aghast that life goes on as usual in New Delhi despite the impending simultaneous nuclear destruction of Washington, New York and RAW; there is no evacuation of New Delhi / Delhi.

    (Oct 19 ‘13) I said “All the stupid niggers of the U.N. Security Council (the five permanent members) need to be reminded that India is the sole superpower; after destroying Washington and New York with its nuclear warheads emplaced in U.S. cities, India can compel the United States to use its nuclear-armed ICBMs to destroy, say, Moscow and St. Petersburg, or Beijing and Shanghai or any other country in the world, or lose more of its own cities”. It is to try to counter the effect of what I said that Manmohan Singh is going to Moscow and Beijing tomorrow. But what he says does not matter, only what India’s legitimate ruler says matters. It was because of what I said that Saudi Arabia rejected membership of the UN Security Council a day after being elected to it. Saudi Arabia, like India, has suffered several stampedes at religious gatherings instigated through proxies of the CIA one of which killed almost 1,500 people.

    (Oct 15 ‘13) The rumor that a bridge to a temple they were standing on was collapsing that caused the stampede in Madhya Pradesh killing over a hundred was spread by RAW (see WhatYouShouldKnowAboutRAWDOTblogspotDOTcom ) in response to the following comment of mine and in support of the Italian woman so the Italian woman could express “condolences” over the stupid behavior of the inferior Indian niggers. Just as all terrorism in India is instigated by the CIA via proxies in the subcontinent including India’s RAW, all temple stampedes in India are instigated by RAW as a part of psychological warfare against India on behalf of the white countries. I have described RAW arranging for practitioners of an Indian spiritual discipline, whose understanding of gravity and inertia I called superior to that of Albert Einstein, to be physically attacked and driven away in Noida and Madhya Pradesh on the C.I.A.’s orders because of my comment. CIA-RAW’s war against India in the field of science is monumental and remains thoroughly covered up by Indian as well as foreign governments and media. All poverty and economic deprivation in India is a consequence of first the British and now the CIA’s war against India. All forms of warfare against India is waged with the help of their Indian proxies. Just as what is said below about the flecks of filth that are Indian politicians or Manmohan Singh or RAW, etc., does not change the basic fact that India is now the sole superpower, even if the stampede was due to the stupidity of Indians — I have said in my press releases that India’s population is a mountain of S-H-I-T — it does not change this basic fact, described below, that India is now the sole superpower:-

    ——–Start of comment ——-
    All the stupid niggers of the U.N. Security Council (the five permanent members) need to be reminded that India is the sole superpower; after destroying Washington and New York with its nuclear warheads emplaced in U.S. cities, India can compel the United States to use its nuclear-armed ICBMs to destroy, say, Moscow and St. Petersburg, or Beijing and Shanghai or any other country in the world, or lose more of its own cities. What is said below about the flecks of filth that are Indian politicians or Manmohan Singh or RAW, etc. does not change this basic fact. Nothing that your puppy dog/ fleck of filth Manmohan Singh says either to the Negro in the White House or in the General Assembly on nuclear, military or economic issues or anything else matters; only what India’s legitimate ruler says matters. IndiasLegitimateRulerSatishChandraDOTblogspotDOTcom
    All the evil in India comes from the United States where the equivalent of a Pope was psychologist B. F. Skinner whose school of psychology a paper I published destroyed — ‘B. F. Skinner’s Monumental Crime’ : BFSkinnersMonumentalCrimeDOTblogspotDOTcom . But he lives on in the form of the CIA which continues to this day to wage war against India and myself with the help of 24-hour satellite surveillance — see ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’ : NuclearSupremacyForIndiaOverUSDOTblogspotDOTcom — and the CIA is simply the essence of the United States and its population.
    Satish Chandra
    ——–End of comment ——-


    Congress and BJP are still in denial , 3 days after election results

    They refuse to believe that , for the first time , people had a real option

    Not between Congress and BJP

    But between Congress / BJP on one side and AAP on the other

    But , both Congress and the BJP , are firm believer in ,

    ” In politics there are neither permanent friends , nor permanent enemies – only permanent interests , viz : , how to grab / stay in power ”

    To keep BJP out of power , Congress has even offered ” Unconditional ” support to AAP , if it wishes to form a government !

    Then of course , Arvind suggesting that Congress and BJP get together to form a coalition government , must be treated as a light-hearted joke , which , even Arvind does not take seriously !

    But it will be the END of AAP – and of Arvind – , if he compromises on his stand that ,

    ” AAP will neither support anyone nor take support from anyone ”

    This is the only thing that differentiates him ( and AAP ) from other power-hungry politicians

    This is the only way he can prove to the people of Delhi – and 725 million voters of India – that , he is NOT lusting for power at the cost of principles

    His message to Indians is loud and clear :

    ” I highly value your votes

    But I will not compromise and take support ( even if it is offered and
    unconditional ) from the corrupts , just to occupy a minister’s chair

    We don’t care for power

    I will not stab you in the back , even if you fail to give AAP , an absolute
    majority ”

    ARVIND ,

    Remember , AAP is NOT just any other political party

    People of India are looking upon AAP as a MORAL MOVEMENT , for which , this country has been waiting for 65 years

    The only way you can live up to your promises , is not to compromise !

    If you do not compromise , people of Delhi will re-elect AAP with an absolute majority in the inevitable re-poll

    And , in 2014 , people of India will follow !

    * hemen parekh ( 11 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

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