IRCTC launches eWallet to speed up the train ticket booking process


ewallet-scHow often have we missed booking that Tatkal train ticket while entering the Master / Visa card details, quite often isn’t it. To address the challenges faced by it’s users, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has launched eWallet. eWallet works much like a prepaid mobile connection, you recharge it and talk till the credit lasts.

eWallet is a way to store some credit in the users account and use it to purchase train tickets on IRCTC wesbite. It really sounds cool, this way user is not redirected to any third party website for the payment. All you need is to refill your eWallet as and when desired and use it for purchasing tickets on IRCTC website. Once the ticket is placed to purchase; IRCTC will validate the request by checking the balance in the eWallet and if there is sufficient amount of credit the ticket will be booked and the eWallet will automatically get debited for the amount. Another advantage with eWallet is that the user can save the payment gateway charges per ticket. On the

Only valid PAN card holders can avail the eWallet facility offered by IRCTC, in case of cancellation of the train tickets the user’s eWallet will be credited after deduction of the cancellation fee (if applicable).

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  1. This is going to really speed up the process of booking tickets. I used to face difficulties by using Payment Gateways, and their site is really slow at times. But with eWallet it will be a bit faster now. Thanks for putting up this article.

  2. This news of ewallet is good, but the railways need much more improvement in the field of reservation of berth. I think our new PM Mr Modi would definitely make alternate for that issue.

  3. I feel RAILWAYS needs to be super URGENTLY PRIVATIZED .With 1.5 billion captive customers they get cheap thrills in making public Q for everthing .Their reservation site is in a perpetual hang and cannot be accessed. How can customers book tickets .Railways staff feel thrilled and thrive in the misery of PUBLIC, for whom this has been made.Their terrible toilets and raiway stn reflect their utter contempt for the PUBLIC. I hope Mr MODIji as PM will help the public by privatizing RAILWAYS URGENTLY .It will be a blessing to INDIA.ASHOK

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