Planning for MBA? Look beyond MAT

Perhaps it is again that time of the year where in most final year graduates are required to draw their attention on higher  studies, exceptions for those who are looking for a Job through on campus or off campus activity. MBA or M.Tech (/ MS) sounds to be an immediate option for the final year graduates, most often students from non engineering background will look at MBA as an only option while engineering graduates have a choice of going for M.Tech / MS as well.

We have earlier elaborated on our forum post (MBA or M.Tech: What to choose after your B.E or B.Tech?) about which is an ideal option for engineering graduates. Now having decided your decision, if you are going for MBA continue reading. Editorial team at strongly suggests students to look beyond MAT (Management Aptitude Test), MAT is an aptitude test conducted by AIMA (All India Management Association) four times a year. What do we mean by look beyond MAT, if you are sincere and have a goal about going into management direction then take competitive entrance exams such CAT & XAT. Probably these are the two toughest competitive management entrance exams, then why we are suggesting you to take?. The logic is that these tests (CAT / XAT) are designed to test your ability (analytical, logical, data analysis etc) to the highest level. Although MAT is also designed on same lines but the difficulty level is par below CAT or XAT. As a result, leaving 5 to 10 top Business Schools most reputed B-Schools admit students based on CAT or XAT.

B-Schools in the past five years have mushroomed across every corner, it is the student who is required to verify the claims made by the B-Schools. We highly recommend students to check the accreditation status of the B-Schools before joining (If you are not sure, what is good or bad as an aspiring MBA student, please fill this counselling form). There are B-Schools which are ready to accept students without any entrance exam score, we suggest students to keep away from those. Preferably join B-Schools (if you have an opportunity) which solely accept CAT or XAT. If students find the level of CAT or XAT very difficult then you can prefer MAT, ATMA & CMAT.

Conclusion: Excepting a few B-Schools, most B-Schools under MAT enroll students in large quantity since the competition for the seats is virtually zero, B-Schools find students with ease. All is well till then, but when it comes to the placements (on campus) they find it difficult to bring in recruiters for such quantity. Other side colleges through CAT or XAT have a competition for the seats, the best (merit) students will make it and the job of the B-School becomes easy to provide placement assistance. Look beyond MAT, push yourself hard and give a shot at CAT, XAT or SNAP (required for all Symbiosis Institutions).

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