New JEE: Normalisation of board exam marks is it justified?

This is the first year the country’s premier technical institutes such as IITs & NITs are considering weightage to the +2 examination marks. Earlier the entrance exam for the admission in NITs was based on merit in the AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) & for IITs it was solely IITJEE merit.

The central government & CBSE with the likes of the then HRD Minsiter Kapil Sibal has tweaked the system. Not only that AIEEE & IITJEE are clubbed, an untested or less practical approach of normalization procedure is used to neutralize board exam marks. The need for normalization is because of a new rule which says that 40% board exam marks are to be considered apart from the JEE score. The new JEE in practical terms is only 60% relevant, a student with a high JEE score might not be able to make it to the coveted IITs or NITs if his +2 board marks are average. The other disadvantage because of a single entrance exam is that, if one student on that particular day of the exam falls sick will loose an opportunity to ace both NITs & IITs. Earlier students who were missing IITJEE only by a margin had an option to still hope for NITs by cracking AIEEE. Now since these two main engineering entrance exams are clubbed, the pressure to perform in the examination is even more. I wished that Centre & CBSE has considered in this view point.

According to a report, The Delhi High Court has sent notice to Centre & CBSE for an explanation on the normalization procedure adopted to neutralize the board exams. Arnav Ohri, a class XII student has approached Delhi High Court challenging the normalization procedure (more here).

The debate now is that, is the normalization of board exam marks justified? One can also argue that is it really required to have 40% weight to board exams? Why only 150,000 students for JEE Advanced, why not more? Do tell us your views!

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