FMS Delhi hosts panel discussion on Budget 2013


FMS Delhi conducted a panel discussion on Budget 2013 on 6th March. Esteemed Speakers for the day shared their views regarding the Budget 2013.

fms-budgetMr Sanjiv Chaudhary Partner at KPMG discussed the Direct and Indirect Taxes along with his views on GST. He suggested monetary policy of higher interest rate will help in reduction of inflation.

Mr Srivastav from E&Y mentioned that the Budget 2013 is based on a weak assumption of high growth, as the Global export demand is low.

Mr Poddar, Partner at E&Y stressed on rupee stabilization to preserve the Forex reserves . He added Subsidies form a huge chunk of our Expenditure, that must be controlled.

Mr Bishwajit Bhattacharya, Senior Advocate Supreme court of India stated that unplanned expenditure must be reduced to avoid erosion
of revenue.

All panelists agreed that, in spite of the alarming situation, India is in a better state than the rest of the Global giants like Europe, US etc in terms of the Debt to GDP ratio. A systematic structuring of the policies is the need of the hour. Students from FMS and other colleges under Delhi University gathered in high volumes to attend the session and participated in question and answer round with enthusiasm. Vodafone taxation case with its retrospective taxation and its impact on India’s image was discussed in depth.

Event was organised by Finsoc, Finance society of FMS under the guidance of FMS faculty Mrs. Monica Singhania.

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