Admissions to B.Sc courses in Karnataka through CET from this year


The Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) has announced that from this year onwards the admissions for B.Sc courses will also be made through CET. This is an addition to already existing courses such as Engineering, Medical, Dental etc. The new courses for which CET score is required are as below.

  1. B.Sc. Agriculture,
  2. B.Sc. Agri (Biotech),
  3. B.Sc. Forestry,
  4. B.Sc. Horticulture,
  5. B.Sc. Home Science,
  6. B.Sc. Sericulture,
  7. B.Sc. Fisheries,
  8. Bachelor of Veterinary sciences & Animal husbandry,
  9. Bachelor in Fisheries Science,
  10. B.Tech in Food Technology,
  11. B.Tech in Dairy Technology,
  12. B.Tech in Food Science & Technology and
  13. B.Tech in Agriculture Engineering

The CET 2013 examination schedule has been announced. For schedule you may download the CET 2013 Notification.

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