1-800 to help students battle exam anxiety, improve focus and confidence


MyndGenie, the first Mental Fitness Coaching Company has announced that it has launched its 1-800 number for students to improve their confidence before exams.

The 1-800 number will register interested students and coach them over the phone with the help of Mind Coaches who are trained in neuroscience methods to deal with students.

Students who are facing stress due to the upcoming exams, or are not confident of a specific subject or have issues related to focus/ concentration and memory can now reach out to 1-800-2000-250. The toll free number will register their details and offer them phone based coaching that lasts between 2-3 hours.

Talking about the toll free number and the phone coaching service, V Bharathwaj, CEO MyndGenie said, “As we all know exam time is a very critical time for students, when they face a very high level of pressure to perform. Mental fitness plays a very key role and is as important as talent, intelligence and hard work. The phone based Mind Coaching has delivered measurable results in exam performance. We trust this will help several students who want to do better in the board exams.”

The mind coaching uses software to identity the mental fitness index followed by 1-1-phone sessions with each student, based on neuroscience methods. The phone coaching is tailored for each student and is open for school students in the age group of 13-18. The registration is open from 6 AM till 10 PM, everyday.

Between October and Jan, MyndGenie conducted a research of students from over 40 schools, on the impact of their mental fitness and exam scores. 86% students reported high level of exam stress, with over 71% reporting low level of confidence. Each student was provided 3 hours of guided coaching with mental techniques and exercises. The results showed significant improvement in focus, performance in the monthly and preparatory tests as well as in their exam scores.

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