Tips to follow while attending an interview

interviewMost of us had faced problems while writing an exam during school / college or while attending an interview for the first time. Below are some of the tips which can come handy for your job interview.

Things to do while attending an Interview

✓ Research about the company

✓ Greet (Say Good Morning, Good Afternoon to the Interview Panelists)

✓ Talk and Listen (People always prefer good listeners)

✓ Have a right attitude

✓ Be on time (If interview is scheduled at 10 a.m be there by 9.30 a.m)

✓ Don’t be nervous, be relaxed

✓ Be confident

✓ Make eye contact

✓ More importantly don’t forget to ask few smart questions to the interviewer

✓ Avoid giving one word answers, when an opportunity is given talk in detail

✓ Keep your mobile either in off or in silent

✓ Don’t ask about leave policy, holidays, salary, employee benefits etc

Few most commonly asked questions during an Interview

Q) What do you know about our company? (Research is expected to do about the company…)

Q) What are your Career goals? (Interviewer expects to know how ambitious the interviewee is. Note: Goals should be Realistic & Smart)

Q) How do you plan to achieve these goals? (Steps in achieving these goals to be described…)

Q) How will this job help you in achieving your goals? (Mention what research is done about the job being applied…)

Q) What kind of job are you looking for?

Q) What are your Strengths? (They may even ask you more on your strengths if your strengths are not realistic. You may expect how such strengths useful to the job or how it matches with this job?)

Q) What are your areas of improvement/weakness? (Please don’t say lazy, steal, lies. Don’t be extra honest! Don’t mention lack of patience or stress too)

Q) What skills do you think are required for this job? (E.g. you may say learning, self management, critical thinking, communication, team work, career management)

Q) Things you may want to avoid in the job. Why?

Q) What motivates you? (E.g. you may say appreciation, Tasks which involves learning motivates you to do, Responsibility, Competition, Courage to face new challenges, Recognition…)

Q) What accomplishments (achievements) in your life are you most satisfied with?
(This is with respect to the past. Primarily which is something we put in efforts and we got rewards for such work…can be debates or sports related…etc.)

Q) Is Career/Money more important to you? Why? (“Money is always important but work is most important.” Answer carefully.)

Q) What kind of people do you find most difficult to get along with? Why? How do you deal with them if they are in your team?

Q) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? (Short term/long term goals can be shared. Realistic goals are expected)

Q) Did you have an opportunity to work under pressure? (If Yes, explain them how did you handled such situation)

Q) Do you prefer working alone or in team? (It decides how independent you are or team worker)

Q) Why do you want to work for us? (What kind of research done on the organization/job need to be described. Basically how enthusiastic you are towards that job is tested? )

Q) Why should we hire you? (Mention most important skills, strengths you have that matches with the job…)

Q) What is a Dream Job?

A) A job that you enjoy doing the work while applying your present skills and also provide you an opportunity to learn more and helping you in growing in terms of position, responsibility. (A sense of fulfillment)

All the Best!

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