List of MBA specialisations

Every year Lakhs of graduate students opt for MBA or PGDM courses, the most preferred specialisations have remained to be either MBA Marketing or MBA Finance and moderate number of students also opt for MBA in Human Resource Management. There are several other specialisations in MBA, below is the list of MBA specialisations.

  • MBA in Agribusiness Management: Agribusiness Management is a perfect specialisation for MBA Graduates interested to work in companies based on Micro Finance, Agriculture, Food Processing, Rural Marketing, International Agriculture Trade, Market Research in Agribusiness and NGOs engaged in Rural Development.
  • Agribusiness Management is offered in selected business schools including the IIMs, IIM Ahmedabad tops the list among the Business Schools which offer Agribusiness Management course. Post Graduate Programme in Agribusiness Management (PGP-ABM) from IIM Ahmedabad is much sought after course. Candidates aspiring for MBA in Agribusiness Management must appear for Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by IIMs.
  • MBA in Aviation Management: MBA in Aviation Management will help budding Managers with necessary skills like Ground Handling, Cargo, Aviation Safety, Fleet Management, Fuelling Management and other areas related to Aviation Industry.
  • MBA in Banking: MBA in Banking is a much sought after course for students willing to make their career in Banking sector. Both Private & Public sector banks show interest in recruiting MBA students with specialisation in Banking.
  • MBA in Biotechnology: Graduates with interest in biotechnology field should opt for MBA Biotechnology, placement offers exist in the field of Life Sciences, Bio-Informatics and Bio Services companies.
  • MBA in Media & Communications: Graduates who have keen interest to make their career in Mass Media or Journalism can opt for this specialisation. Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad is one known Business School offering Management courses related to Media, Promotions, Advertising & Branding.
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship or Family Business: This specialisation is ideal for students coming from a Business background, the course is also offered as a certificate course, Institutes like SP Jain Institute of Management & Research offers this course.
  • MBA in Finance: A perfect specialisation for commerce graduates, however relatively even Engineering graduates are also showing interest in MBA Finance. MBA in Finance aces students with knowledge in Capital Budgeting, Options, Futures, Stock Market Analysis and complete Finance Management.
  • MBA in Insurance Management: Certain private and public banks each year shows keen interest in recruiting MBA students with specialisation in Insurance Management. However most students are hired for Marketing financial instruments, it is advisable to opt MBA Marketing to have a broader access to Jobs.
  • MBA in Healthcare Management: Health care sector in India is very dynamic and graduates study Healthcare courses are equipped with relevant management skills such as increasing the organisational effectiveness, cleanliness, team management and addressing new challenges in Healthcare Industry.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management: As most companies say that Employees are their biggest assets, people management is often a tedious task thus a need for a Human Resource Manager is vital for any organization. Imagine 10,000 people team with no one to Manage and things could get messy. Students in Human Resource Management course are taught with organizational behaviour, team management, recruiting, pay roll and soft skills.
  • MBA in Infrastructure Management: Students from Civil & Mechanical background would ideally prefer to work in Infrastructure Industry, both technical and management skills are vital for jobs in this vertical. Students are taught about work optimization, resource optimization, material management and economic scenario surrounding the project work.
  • MBA in Information Systems: Information Management is vital for any organization, most companies are going paper free. Once the important documents were stored in the form of physical documents now everything is digital thanks to the Technology. Managers trained in Information Management or Information Systems are responsible for the entire management of Information within the Company.
  • MBA in Information Technology: MBA in IT is an ideal specialisation or combination specialisation for Engineering Graduates, students are taught with concepts related to computer subjects.
  • MBA in Marketing: MBA in Marketing is a much sought after course, one can say a job guaranteed course. Every firm has requirement for Marketing & Sales, students study subjects on Marketing Management, Sales, Retail business, advertising, International Marketing etc.
  • MBA in Operations Management: The operations manager handles the day to day activities of a firm, organizations would prefer MBA’s in this role as the job involves leadership, initiation, communication with in the team etc.

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  1. Excellent information on the specializations option this will be really helpful information for the MBA aspirants.In India, if you have a MBA in marketing, then it’s easy to find a job compared to having finance MBA. However, finance people are paid more.What you should ideally look for is not which one has scope. Rather, which one best suits you. Once you figure that out you are almost done.

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