Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad calls NEET unscientific; holds protest

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has started protesting NEET calling it as ‘unscientific’, ABVP held protests in Hubli & Gulbarga. Students opposed the MCI’s move on holding a common medical entrance test NEET-UG, NEET UG which is based on CBSE curriculum is not in favour of regional medium or state board students they said.

ABVP threatened MCI to role back it’s decision and continue the CETs as usual. While other states are trying hard to keep NEET-UG away, Karnataka is among the states which readily agreed to NEET-UG. The recent protests by ABVP are in the State of Karnataka itself. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu have obtained stay orders on NEET-UG in their respective state high courts.

The fate of NEET-UG is undecided, but the official announcement from CBSE & MCI is what it matters. MCI is very much keen on holding NEET-UG & NEET-PG. The NEET PG registration is nearing the deadline, so far the Andhra Pradesh high court has stayed both NEET-UG & NEET-PG notification.

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8 comments on “Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad calls NEET unscientific; holds protest

  1. jmpa says:

    i don’t know why bt when ever i heard about NEET MY MIDDLE FINGER GOES UP!!!

  2. Vani says:

    I didnt undrstnd half of d stuff..wt u saying. Bt i support neet ug for al d genuine reasns.. I m a state board student..frm bangalore..who hs 2 appear.. 4 d state board xams and neet sylabi.. s a new thing 4 me as wel…bt tryng my bit to cope..up..nd xcel. Bt i favour neet despite of d hurdles..i m facing..coz one single entry cn hlp me achieve my goal..thats it.. I rest my case..al d best 4 neet nilesh

  3. nilesh says:

    Its not about who conducting exam indirectly its about who conducting it directly. MCI don’t set papers and make designs of examination. Before NEET it was AIIMS who did this for MCI. And conducted AIPG exam witch was the biggest exam before NEET . but when AIIMS said no for NEET . MCI asked NAT board to take NEET and now they are taking it. Its design is too much different from AIPG . The key fault in it is , they are taking too many papers for same exam . So the biggest fear is, suppose paper of 23th is harder than paper of 24th .Students of 23th have less possibility to get admission than 24th . We use to a system in witch single paper decide fate of all student on same day . I am not saying personally saying anybody to join any forum, after all choice will be yours I am saying it for whom actually want to know what problem is. I am also not great admirer of ABVP nor I am against NEET . Its about the way it is get conducted. And yes, Let the viewers judge what is baseless.

  4. nilesh says:

    Vani jani ABVP is right, because they know about the new design of NEET witch is very different from the traditional design of PG or UG for medical seats conducted by AIIMS. The traditional design is very successful and getting conducted since decades. There is huge disappointment among students about this new design of NEET and if you are not student and you are not aware about it than you can join some medical forum like RXPG and see by yourself. There you will defiantly feel the heat of disappointment of student about design of NEET .

    • Vani says:

      Nilesh, frst f al lt me make.u clear dt i dnt wnt 2 b part f any forum..nd i dnt need it 2 gt..myslf updatd abt thngs hapng in my country… Nd..u vil c thousands f parties, forums.. in evry nook nd cornr f dis cntry..whch s f no use.. Nd secndly..i thnk u hv nly a peripheral idea..abt neet..thts y u r sayng dt neet is cnductd by aims.. But dude neet is cnductd by mci.. Pls gt urslf corrctd… Thirdly..abt d traditional system of educatn…whch accrdn 2 u is highly beneficial.. Let me tel u dt ppl like me who dnt..blng 2 a richie rich upbringing..have high hpes dt ..neet ug nd pg happn as soon as posible…so dt…aage jaakar v dnt serve ny othr foriegn nation bt ..get paid for our hardwork nd excellence and serve this country. So thnk b4 passing baseless comments..

  5. akshaya says:

    Introducing NEET at this point of time is very sad.. that too we’re confused whether it will take place or not.. Hoping for a final decision soon..! *fingers crossed*

  6. jmpa says:

    good, neet should be stopped at any cost,it is a move of central to give benifits to cbsc students,which is illegal.

  7. Vani says:

    As if..avbp is too..scientific. Wt d hell..yar? Al dramabazi…who r dese morons? Hv u guyz..lost it? Wt an insensible move…

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