Political parties to benefit by opposing to NEET


Politics strictly has nothing to do with Education, however when it comes to opposing certain educational reforms the political parties are the first to point out. The student community who taught they would benefit from having common entrance tests are becoming victims of confusion created by individuals who seek personal benefits.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) an apex body which monitors medical education in the country faced severe opposition when it announced National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for undergraduate & postgraduate medical courses. Both NEET-UG & NEET-PG were supposed to be held for admissions in the academic year 2012-2013, however due to strong objection raised by several states including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal & Maharashtra a notification deferring NEET-UG has been announced by CBSE.

The same may be repeated this time too, Andhra Pradesh has obtained a stay order over NEET-UG and Tamil Nadu claims pending petition in the Supreme Court over NEET-UG. Tamil Nadu chief minister earlier written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to exempt it’s state’s student from NEET-UG, recently DMK Chief Karuna Nidhi too entertained the idea of opting out it’s state from the Medical CET.

Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa & Bihar are against to NEET-UG. The uncertainty on whether NEET-UG is taking place in all states are not is yet to be resolved. The MCI has gone ahead and inivted applications for NEET-PG a medical test for postgraduate medical courses all over India.

The NEET-UG 2013 official notification is due, one may expect the announcement to be out soon sometime during November or first week December till then the speculations will be ON. Share your views! Do let us know as to why some states seek exemption from NEET-UG?

The political parties are opposing NEET for keeping up the reservation rules as is and to maintain good will among citizens. This may eventually mean the private medical colleges are walking hand in hand with the political parties or is it the other way round?

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  1. hello everyone , so those ppl who r gvng thumbs up for neet need to rethink it ……u ppl r against management quota but y u ppl r not against sc/st/bc/….n so on reservation system…….if management seat is wrong den reservation quota is wrong tooo……cum on guys be a sport…..jus think…..

  2. After karnataka nd andhra pradesh… Bihar has got relief from NEET PG_UG …these 3 states wont take part in NEET…decision for tamil nadu wil come on 29th of this month… NEET wil hve to b conducted without these four states

  3. The political parties are playing in the hands of PVT Medical colleges management by opposing NEET so that they can make crores from one seat and politicians also will get thusands of crores for election time. They have nothing to do with poor common middle class students for whom this NEET will be a boon.Only those students are crying who are poor in studies and planning to book a management qouta seat and can not face common entrance exam.But now nothing will happen.NEET – PG announced and UG also in line.Rather than wasting time should go and read and support the reforms which are pro poor and pro common middle class.And corrupt politicians like JAYA should shut up her mouth and let the NEET-UG/PG to happen and should not expolit students for het pitty gains. SHAME to JAYA and SHAME to ANDHRA CM

  4. There is nothing to do for the politicians with medical or even education in general. Now only hope that the Supereme Court has to take a strong decision to save the standards of quality medical education in this country….otherwise the God only knows what will be the state of health of the generazions to come………….. The medical education needs lots of hard work. …………. If the system of education will not change and medicos continue to face hardship, then it may a least preferred profession in the years to come……….

  5. NEET UG 2013. MCI and other players of the system seem pretending / feigning ignorance of the events and happenings surrounding the subject amongst the students and parents – the pitiful victims of mental agony and suffering. The countrywide news reports would vouch for this.The student community so earnestly and studiously applying their energies unceasingly day and night in their desire to pursue and occupy a place in medical profession have serious concerns regarding the syllabus/ syllabi of the subjects of study, the language, choice venue, etc. – even more – as to whether the holding the NEET UG 2013 is in great jeopardy. The pressure is mounting. The syllabus has been subject to revision halfway through in different States and bears no semblance of uniformity. The repeaters and others too given revision of syllabus have been forced to update themselves by resort to coaching classes at extra cost and short time. Given the highly competitive nature of the Exam., the limited seats available, Even the most brilliant student may not find a place the merit list. He makes a second attempt to find a place and no authority can deny such students a second chance to qualify himself for a seat in medical college at a lesser cost in a government college. How and why he is asked to learn and be examined on what he was not taught – why the denial of equality of treatment. A just and equitable measure should be give them an option to be examined on what they were taught, as hither before, under the Statewide system – State CET . It is high time the Authorities concerned woke up, act and issue clarifications and spare the students and parents any further uncertainties. I appeal to all the Authorities – Please wake up before it is too late – bend your energies for the welfare of students seeking career in Medical Profession.

    • i am totally in agreement with Shri V.Mahadevan. this move move of NEET is like PUTIING CART BEFORE HORSE.

      Hon’ble new young literate (ENGG GRADUATE, KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON AS AN ODD MAN OUT IN INDIAN GOVERNMENT ) HRD minister Pallam Raju will take proper steps like – fix a date approx 3 years from today for implementing Common Entrance Test for all courses after plus two uniformly for all Indian Nationals.
      But prior to that one syllabus and one valuation (like CBSE) without any difference to be brought in. Otherwise it is highly autocratic to compel to undergo CET for medical alone as if everything required to take NEET is addressed by respective authorities. Bring reforms in school education before talking about CET, NEET etc.

  6. Vikram it looks like that you were looking forward to a management quota seat in some pvt medical college…
    And what are u talking about many opportunities.
    Till this year aipmt , only one-fourth of total medical aspirant from all over india..
    So this means three-fourth of all the aspirants dont even want many opportunities.as all the other exams excluding state pmt have quite a few no. of seats


  8. an absurd move NEET…the fate of students will be deciding on just a single day…earlier the students got quite a few chances to prove their ability…and more over when govt is not providing any sort of aid to private colleges then its completely unfair to bring them under one exam system…education falls in the state list category not under the union list so it will be unfair to ignore the concerns of different states….vikram sinha,amar colony, lajpat nagar,new delhi

  9. NEET is and will be a foolish reform.. This is a biased and judgemental article. By the way COMEDK forms are also out for NEET PG. I guess u missed the news

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