Does Networking on Linkedin help you get a Job?

The professional networking site Linkedin has come a long way since it’s launch in the year 2002. Linkedin was started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman, the official launch was on 05 May 2003 with about 4500 members. Thanks to the innovation and great people behind now every second 2 members join Linkedin, the company which went public recently has much more than we can put it here.

One big question which often bothered me was, how does Linkedin help it’s members get a Job? No matter what, in India job boards still survive and that is one of THE THING everyone will or should do to get a Job. Creating profiles on,, & etc is essential to get job offers from prospective recruiters.

My take on Linkedin

Linkedin profile is a dynamic profile of an individual, wherein the member’s activity is recorded real time thus potential recruiters exactly know what you are doing right now. Let’s say I have posted a status update, ‘I am looking for a job change, any positions in Operation Management please let me know and I have so and so experience etc. Now I have a friend who is a HR Manager, he knows I am looking for a job but his company doesn’t have openings for my domain the best he can do is refer me to someone else. The status update gets word of mouth promotion, plus keep people in your network informed about your activity. Job boards on the other hand are static where in you update your CV and forget it, the recruiter will contact you to know that you have already been placed.

Effective networking on Linkedin will surely be a plus in your job hunt, it also helps you build a strong network of people. Share your views and let us know how Linkedin is helping you.

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