ISB Hyderabad to be shown as role model by other non AICTE MBA Colleges


The Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad doesn’t need much introduction, a favorite and a dream for thousands of MBA aspirants is just a black listed college in the eyes of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). For students who go for ISB & ISB itself doesn’t need to care about any WARNING from AICTE, as the students are smart enough to know that AICTE cannot approve a 1 year Management course.

The pathetic situation comes when other Business School uses this opportunity to compare their Business School with ISB Hyderabad. Look boy, even ISB Hyderabad is not approved by AICTE, they don’t care AICTE so we do take a stand that we don’t need an AICTE approval. It is upto the students and parents too know that not every Business School comes par with ISB Hyderabad and other colleges which are operating a 2 years management course for sure need an AICTE approval.

In to the details several months ago, AICTE has issued a notification revealing the list of non approved Business Schools in India. Among the names featured, ISB Hyderabad since the Institute is not approved by AICTE.

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