Employability of MBA Graduates at dismal low – Report


According to a study conducted by Aspiring Minds, the employability of MBA Graduates is at a dismal low. Only 2.52% of MBA Graduates are employable in Business Consulting & only 7.98% for the Analyst domain, both roles demand high cognitive skills.

The report also revealed that employability in corporate (B2B) sales (10.56%) is almost half of that in Consumer (B2C) sales (21.72%). The employability for customer service roles is 16.01%. In these roles, behavioural and personality aspects of the candidates play an indispensable role. The marketing domain recorded the lowest employability at around 6.99%, BFSI (7.69%) and HR jobs (9.63%) follow closely.

The report is based on a sample of more than 32,000 MBA students graduated in the year 2011 from over 220+ B-Schools across India. The survey has been carried out by using AMCAT™ a test conducted across the country throughout the year, AMCAT has been taken by over 750,000 candidates in 1300+ campuses, spread across 23 states.

Varun Agarwal the COO & CTO of Aspiring Minds said that there is an urgent need to audit whether we are training industry-ready individuals. Nearly 2.14 lakh students have applied for 3500 seats through CAT this year, which is just a small chunk of the huge capacity of management education in the country.

Aspiring Mind’s employability report is a step in this direction. The low employability figures show that management students and colleges need personalized employability feedback and guidance to take the right corrective steps. This shall not only lead to more students getting jobs, but also addressing the large talent needs of our growing industry” he said.

Management education has witnessed a mushrooming growth in India from just about 200 MBA colleges in the early nineties to around 3300 MBA colleges today. There has been a remarkable focus and success on building capacity in management education in India. However, employability for management students remains below 10% for any functional role in the field of HR, Marketing or Finance. On the other hand, it ranges between 10–20% for roles involving sales and client servicing.

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