AP High Court stays NEET UG 2013 Notification


Pointing at the special constitutional status of Andhra Pradesh, the High Court stayed NEET-UG 2013 notification. AP students who are in a confusion over the Medical CET can breathe easy, the MCI proposed ‘NEET-UG’ will not be relevant to Andhra Pradesh students for the coming academic year.

According to Article 371 d of Constitution, Andhra Pradesh has special status with respect to the reservation policies for education & job opportunities. The article states that it’s state students should take the preference, however through NEET-UG each state is supposed to share 15% of Medical seats with other States.

On similar lines like last year, the indifference in syllabus and language barrier was also one of the reasons the High Court pointed at.

With inputs from TOI

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  1. Like NEET -PG, AP Govt. will ask the students to appear for NEET-UG on 5th May 2013 at 0730 hours which will be exactly repeat of NEET -PG.Why AP Govt. is creating so much confusion for neither -UG 2013. Please do not play with the students at the cost of private medical colleges.

  2. Andrapradesh State government has taken wise decision. Any national level single entrance test for admission to UG professional courses is most welcome. But it should be based on the minimum common syllabus till all the states adopt a common curriculum. Further most of the states especially Karnataka were managing the admission to both medical and engineering admissions through a single entrance test. Why not such a single entrance test at the national level i.e., why NEET, JEE,…The experts must plan a single exam with 4 subjects and may be a advanced level exam for IITs.

  3. Run away AP..race se dar gae.. huh..AP ka participat krna ni krna ek hi baat hai.. apni seats to share karega ni AP..so rest of india ke students affected ni hoge..i appreciate MAHARASHTRA AND WEST BENGAL..koi kich kich ni kiya dono ne is baar..

  4. Guyz..wt evr hapns d only thng v cn do is bio, phy nd chem ko”RATTA MAAR”. Al 3 of dem r dangerous..chahe koi bhi sylabi ho..none of dem s gonna b easy vit no optns lft unfortunately…

    • Sir,
      Virtually all the states have agreed for neet 2013 & AP shall also agree for neet 2013 after spoiling the chances of AP students. Last year also AP has raised the same objections and they repeating the same this year to benefit private medical colleges and coaching institutions.

  5. i had earlier revealed neet ug is not possible ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is totally ridiculous that mci is taking part in the entrance process instead of seeing the real part like college infrastructure and some rules are difficult to follow by some states that has been made by mci so they are knocking the gates of judiciary system ,. first one syllabus and one board for the whole nation should be made compulsory so that exam like neet can be taken smoothly

  6. It’s wrong on AP’s part to do this again, they knew about it over a year ago, how much more time do they want? Bunch of lazy idiots governing this state and it’s education system.

    • Yes it is wrong on the part of AP Government, who are confusing the students for the looters who are running the Pvt. medical colleges.

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