JEE to become India’s biggest engineering entrance examination ever


In terms of number of applicants, the Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (JEE) is expected to be India’s biggest engineering entrance examination. From 2013 AIEEE will be clubbed with IITJEE, each year nearly 1200,000 students register for AIEEE and a minimum of 500,000 students appear for IITJEE. As both the tests are getting clubbed one can expect that the number of test takers will be typically more than 1200,000 students and may fall in the range of 1200,000 to 1500,000 applicants.

The competition for country’s prestigious engineering colleges like IITs & NITs will get tougher. Though the proposal of considering board examination marks for selection in these elite colleges was criticized widely by experts & alumni of these elite Institutions, in someways the new selection process may benefit students with ability to score in board examination marks. No longer one will consider a day’s output, for example a student who accidentally falls ill on the day of IITJEE or AIEEE may miss out the chance of scoring. The new method though unapproved may yield positive results, the effort of two years will now be considered, there is a 40% weightage for board exam marks.

Everything you want to know about JEE 2013

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  1. What about the 2012 passed student fate, as per earlier norms of iitjee and aieee, students are eligible to write the exam in two times. As per new norms they are not eligible due to as they are not in 20 percentile.What they will do? Some state Boards are not conducting the improvement exam ? This is unfair and unilateral decision taken by CBSE Board and not bothering the lakhs of students future and life.At least 2012 student should be exempted from this 20 percentile norms.
    Kindly I request HRD Ministry and CBSE to consider my request .

    • Your point is valid, it is injustice for students who dropped a year on the hope of cracking IITJEE in 2013. All the boards should conduct improvement exams.

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