FMS Delhi Students sweep roads as a part of cleanliness awareness campaign


The Social Service Cell of Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi launched their “Social Awareness Campaign” this week. The campaign agenda is to sensitize people towards the importance of cleanliness, personal hygiene, education etc. FMS Delhi Students divided themselves into groups and took up a plethora of activities to create a considerable social impact.

The day started with the students cleaning up the roads and lanes in and around Delhi University, installing dustbins and sensitizing the citizens about the importance of cleanliness. The students came up with catchy slogans like “Humara Dilli Kaisa ho, Hamare Ghar Jaisa Ho” and shouted them at the top of their voices. The impact of these students can be well gauged from the fact that the nearby restaurant staff also joined in the awareness drive.

A group of students visited the slums of Malkaganj and spoke to the kids and families that lived therein about the importance of personal hygiene and education. The students also demonstrated how water can be treated using alum, and explained the causes of diseases like Typhoid, Dengue and what the dwellers can do to avoid these diseases.

While most of us just keep complaining about the apathy of the administration towards the common public, these students showed that it doesn’t take much out of the same common public to make an effort to keep their surroundings clean and hygienic. With proper planning and concerted efforts, each locality can manage to keep their surroundings as they should be. By carrying out the drive with just Rs. 300, the students demonstrated that cleanliness and maintenance of the environment does not need deep pockets and can be easily carried out by the common man.

Another group of students decided to spread awareness among rickshaw pullers, slum dwellers about AIDS and HIV. It was surprising to see many did not know about the incurable disease and the ways it can spread. The students made posters explaining in detail the vices of the disease, how it can spread and the preventive measures that can be undertaken.

While most of the activities that are carried out every year border mostly on the familiar, one group went a step ahead and carried out a different kind of an activity. These students decided to generate awareness among the public about Aadhar, the Unique Identification Project carried out by the Government of India. The students walked around the streets talking to the public about the UID project, its benefits and how to register for the same. The students even arranged for forms from the nearby Post Office, circulated them among the public, got them filled and deposited the completed forms back to the authorities.

“It is commendable to see the enthusiasm of the young students and their desire to sensitize citizens and contribute to the society. It only reinforces the belief that students of FMS are not only concerned about their own careers but also about the greater good of the society,” says Dibakar Das, President of Vihaan(Social Service Cell), Faculty of Management Studies.

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