Silent Auction: FMS Delhi auctions Dating Tips, Camel rides, Poker Tutorials for a cause

Silent Auction

Silent Auction is not just another auction where hammers are pounded and bids are screamed. It is the annual flagship event of Vihaan, The Social Service Cell at FMS, Delhi. The bids included items as unique as Dating Tips, Camel rides, Poker Tutorials, Midnight Bike Trips, Home Cooked Food, Rubic Cube WoSilent Auctionrkshop etc.

Dating Tips for 2000 bucks was one interesting item placed for all those guys who find it difficult to approach the fairer sex. Other bids included, Marketing Gyaan, Yoga classes, Martial Arts, Driving lessons, Old books, Self portraits, TV serials. Someone even offered washing clothes for the bidder. Around 25-30 items promised Finance sessions which was not so unexpected in one of the top B-Schools of India.

Over the last 5 years, the auction has been generating funds for social causes and this year the activities planned from the earnings include donation funds to NGOs, Cleanliness drive, Tree Plantation Drive etc. This year, the auction earned Rs. 1.68 lakhs as compared to the Rs. 1.46 lakhs last year. There were around 856 bids placed for the 221 items placed.

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