‘One nation one test’ Sibal was right in proposing

Kapil Sibal

The idea ‘One nation one test’ did sound rather awkward when it was proposed, I was of the opinion how IITs, NITs and other B grade engineering colleges can use the same test for shortlisting students. Then came an amendment from Sibal & Co, the test is only for IITs, IIITs, NITs, Centrally funded & few deemed universities. Eventually there was something called ISEET (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test) which was Sibal’s plan, probably after having meetings with IIT, NIT & IIIT councils there was no mention on ISEET from then. The game plan changed and involved stake holders went on to tweak the IITJEE, which remained an exclusive test for IITs alone from more than 5 decades.

AIEEE was clubbed with IITJEE and later on IIITs, centrally funded universities too were asked to participate in JEE. So it became a common test for premier engineering institutes, to have a differentiation between IITs & Non IITs, JEE Advanced was born. So two tests are required now to qualify for IIT selection process, JEE Main & JEE Advanced. The alumni and other stakeholders have been talking about how such a new format will degrade IITs as a brand, in my sense it really is going to be more difficult to get into IITs. By considering board exams there are high chances of paving way for girl students, usually girls are said to be book worms and can produce answers just like a text book. This way it will help IITs to have girl students on board, IITJEE 2012 application fee was waived off for girl students to encourage them take part in JEE.

Gradually all engineering colleges will be asked to take part in JEE from 2014 or 2015, the line of difference will be JEE Advanced that will probably be a serious eliminator, so those who make it in JEE Main can settle for NITs, IIITs, Other Universities funded by Centre or State and local engineering colleges.

150,000 students who are in the top 20 percentile and qualify in JEE Main will be the one’s who will compete in JEE Advanced. It as if looks like Sibal has done a great job, this will abolish state level CETs sooner or later, all students initially can compete for premier colleges as the test is same. Few savings on your valet, no no need to buy application forms for each entrance exam, as most of them will come inline with JEE or the Sibal’s ‘One nation one test’.

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  1. Kapil sibal is showing his foolishness.Think if a child could perform well in his board exam due any problem like his illness or due to lack of teacher but he is having those qualities which iit needs then they can not perform their talent in iit jee.Another thing if a student performs well in board exam by mugging he will get chance but they have no qualification for iit jee.So iit, aieee entrance should separate.

  2. What sibal did is completely foolish! He did not check the census and stuff before setting up this plan. Yes, it is necessary to change de education system but not this way. It is already a dumb rat race, if ISEET emerges then it will be a rat race where rats will be racing for their lives and half way dead. Sibal has lifted up 2 more hurdles for getting into iit but he should also know that in india there are no other institution which give quality education and future other than iits and few universities. And if he squezes the way for getting into them, the students who have the required knowledge and talent but couldn’t perform intermediate exam below 20 percentile( ex andhra pradesh where board exam is just reproduction of byhearted repeated questions) then they will fall behind and loose their future. These entrance exams are not simple things to fondle with, because there lies a student’s life. Sibal should rather open up more good institutions like that in USA and other western countries.

    • The student community should involve in this and make the top 20 percentile loose vanish for next 2 years. How can they change the process all of a sudden? Lets protest this..

  3. for ISEET no state govt has endorsed their willingness YET nor they have come with guidelines regarding seat quota(minorities&caste quota)

    • It is like you need to be among the top 20 percentile of students from your board exam. Let’s say the highest percentage in CBSE is 94%, his marks will be treated as 100 percentile, students till 80%le will be allowed to take part in JEE Advanced. For any doubts, ask again.

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