JEE 2013: Students can take board exams the second time to improve marks


As the entrance exam for joining IITs is set to join, students who haven’t done that great in their class XII board exams can take the exams again, in particular for students who passed their class XII exams in 2012. Students who have dropped a year to plan for JEE 2013 can improve their board exam marks, as the new selection process at IITs do consider board exam marks.

The respective State Boards would make appropriate arrangements for helping out these students through a special dispensation. Repeaters need not worry because of the ‘top 20 percentile rule’, another decision taken by the MHRD meeting is that the examinations will be conducted in the regional language if the concerned State government comes up with a request to that effect.

Source: The Hindu

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  1. This is totally unfair and injustice to the 12th passed out students
    in 2012.
    Why this extra pressure on them eventhey had completed this
    eligibility exercise in 2012 as 60%. They have wasted their whole year
    exclusively for JEE preparations and now they will be burdened by this
    reappearing 12th exam.
    Where already half of the syllabus has been completed in schools, how
    will they manage their studies compared to the running school syllabus
    which is more of the area is over. Please do not do this injustice to
    the droppers let the 60% eligibility remains for them. As IIT Delhi
    and Kanpur has already agreed to this.

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