Delhi High Court Asks AICTE To Keep A Check On Unapproved Colleges


The Delhi High Court has asked to probe into an allegation that various engineering colleges are conducting unapproved courses. AICTE being a regulatory body for both technical & management education in India has so far failed to wipe off unapproved colleges. The official website of AICTE do say about unapproved & approved Institutes in India from time to time but students still get into the trap.

It is not only about engineering colleges the same is seen for other courses especially management courses. With increased number of students pursuing Masters degree in Management, the MBA colleges have mushroomed in every corner. It is also learnt that few MBA colleges claim that their Institute is awaiting approval from AICTE, colleges convince students that very soon their Institute will bear an AICTE approved tag. This is a normal explanation colleges are giving to students at the time of admission, this continues every year and each year they manage to convince students and keep the ship floating. Some colleges which don’t have approval from AICTE will go on to print on their brochures, flyers and promotional materials that their Institute is AICTE approved.

We have recently reported that there are about 327 MBA colleges in India which are not approved by AICTE and the number keeps increasing every year. The AICTE official website has information on approved & unapproved colleges, students should exercise caution and take minimum responsibility in verifying the credentials of the college he or she is going to join.

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