How to know if a college has campus placements for sure


For any student the purpose of studying a degree is to earn a job, exception to those who further go on to study or start their own venture. Prior to joining a college it is important to know if the college has campus placements or not? While most college websites run a scrolling text on their website stating 100 percent placements, with company names etc. One cannot draw a conclusion based on the data or the advertisements mentioned on the college website.

Generally (ethically) the college website should speak about real data, as per our analysis (after reviewing more than 100 websites) more than 80% of the websites provide fake data. The scrolling text (100 placements for so and so batch, average salary xxxxxx) is an advertisement simply to lure the students. 20% of the websites provided real data, maintaining the record of how many companies visited, how many placed, the batch strength etc. No surprise these colleges are top notch, such as NITs, IITs and IIMs with real data and don’t expect the same from others.

The best way to judge if the college has placements is by asking the current students in the campus, take few hours of your schedule and visit the college you wish to enroll. Talk to the students, ask them about the list of companies visiting the campus, how many placed, what was the job profile, what was the salary offered etc. The colleges hand out a very nice brochure with a list of recruiters where their students are working or a random list of companies but it mayn’t necessarily the companies who have done campus placements.

I have seven several college websites and brochures which had a list of recruiters starting from A to Z, it is just a directory of recruiters, some colleges of lower standard includes names like Google & Microsoft, I am sure to know that they have put an alphabetical list of companies which have respect in the market. The student then thinks ok, Google, Microsoft, IBM visits the campus so I must join this college. Act with commonsense and judge carefully, research as much as possible before committing itself.

I always wonder, why the government never thinks about providing placements to students, AICTE always thinks about increasing the intake or allowing more and more colleges. Why don’t they think if India needs so many Engineers and MBA graduates?

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