NITs Adopt Common Entrance Test; 40% For Board Exams & 60% For JEE Main


The National Institutes of Technology today has taken a vital decision on the selection process that they would adopt for next year admissions. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has earlier called for a merger of AIEEE with IITJEE, as a result the JEE has been split as two parts JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

JEE Main can be taken by all students appearing for board exams however only students who are in the top 20 percentile of their respective boards will be considered for JEE Advanced, only 150,000 of such students will be shortlisted for JEE Advanced. This process was finalized for IIT selection process next year. NITs which had to respond to this proposal has taken off JEE Advanced from their selection process, instead they will see 40% marks from board exams and consider JEE Main score alone.

The formula to normalize the board examination marks is yet to be worked out, it is important for all the students to keep a strong eye on board exams.

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  1. what abt studentr who gave boards in 2011 ?? What abt their 3rd chance in AIEEE ?? if anyone has not more than 70% in boards , what to do ??

  2. what abt the students who gave boards in 2011 ?? What abt their 3rd chance in AIEEE ?? Agar kisi k boards ne marks kam hai to,Common entrance me NITs k admission k liye board marks ka wo kya kare ??

  3. There shall be common entrance exam for all Engioneering institutions in India. IITs and NITs and Govt. assisted Engineering colleges in the countryshall have a common admission test from 2013 admission onwards. Welcoming the decision to consider the marks scored by the Board exam along with the entrance exam in the ratio of 40:60, the rank list shall be prepared for admission to NITs and Govt. assisted Engineering Colleges. Self fincning Engineering College Management shall make admission to their colleges from the list of the students who find their name in the rank list (excluding advance level test) The exam shall be conducted in the third week of April and the advance level test shall be conducted in the thirsd week of May (for admission to IITs)

  4. now we will see very different kind of iitian’s and nitian’s passing out of the colleges ………
    let’s watch out the change …..
    is the government going to change their own proposed system after 4 years…..wait and watch

  5. now its too much – i an unable to get wat is going on now days they just keep on changing there decission in every 2 weeks and along with mr. kapil ( hrd minister ) all hods of nits r getting mad day by day // cant they just go making with single decision // this country is going into hell – god give some brain to these duffers //

  6. But I read in the newspapers that NITs have decided to conduct there own exam.. and Kapil sibbal’s attempt has failed to convince them

    • 40 % is for board exams and 60% is for JEE Main exam. Which means NITs will do away with AIEEE selection and CCB counselling instead they adopt the newly proposed selection process and give weight to board marks and JEE Main.

  7. Still in India all schools are not of same standard and they started comparing on the basis of board mark. If they want so then they should equalize all schools and boards standards.

    • Yes what you said is correct, they are tweaking over a formula which will normalize board exams instead of making the syllabus uniform for Class XI & Class XII atleast.

  8. This is an excellent decesion. The significance of bard would substantailly improve. school attendence would shoot up significantly. school teachers wolud have to give accredited preferntial treatment to content based delivery. The selections in NITS AND IITS would be very impartail and it would lead to improvemnent of manpower .

  9. It will increase mass cheating in Board examination and this system will destroy the quality of education in India and NIT and IIT will become 3rd class institute . and this is the motive of Kapil Sibal, Sibal wants to establish American universities in India.

    • Your perspective is something new and no one has even thought of this. What benefits you think Sibal will gain by bringing in American Universities could you please explain.

  10. It will bring a new revolution to the next generation…Because by this process all merit student will be filter out……The student having only hard working will get great success….Not for applicable for the student using shortcut…..So best of luck for aspirant…….(OM BIKASH KUMAR DAS….NIT, Rourkela……)

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