NEET Should Be Optional Argues Medical College Representatives

The Medical college representatives¬†at a meeting organized by the Education Promotion Society in Bangalore argued that the common medical entrance exam ‘NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam)’ to be made optional. Citing reasons such as the varied syllabus across different boards & hitting on the rural students unpreparedness for such a competitive entrance exam according to sources.

Further more the gathering cited that the NEET proposed by the Medical Council of India last year is not student friendly, as students from tier 2 students or lower mid class families cannot afford coaching for the maiden NEET. The Society has decided to submit a memorandum to centre expressing their  concerns on the common medical entrance exam.

However the Medical Council of India hasn’t made any new announcement with respect to NEET. The only source of information seems to be the MCI official website, which states that NEET UG & NEET PG will be held from 2013 onwards. Aspiring Medical students are trusting on what the coaching institutes have to teach, some coaching institutes have already started conducted coaching classes following the NEET UG syllabus. NEET UG is for the undergraduate medical (MBBS) & dental courses (BDS) while NEET PG is for the postgraduate courses.

There are enough twists for the common medical entrance exam, both NEET UG & NEET PG were supposed to be debuted in 2012. However several states had to defend their state board students stating that the syllabus proposed for NEET UG varies with respect to their respective state boards curriculum.

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  1. Only those people are opposed to neet who do not stand any chance of getting selected in a competitive exam and rely on getting admission in a college through management quota..
    And guys please grow up why do u think that you will fell ill or any calamity will fall over you on that particular day only..

  2. dude agar mein ek din bimar padh gaya toh ek saal waste aur india mein reservation sirf 20 saal ke liye tha bt 64 years ho gaye paar kuch nahi hua log kuch nah kuch dhund hi lete hain aur nahi toh rishvat se saab ho jata hai isliye private ki mangment seats ka toh kuch nahi bigad sakte

    • I would like to suggest u to keep yourself admitted in a hospital instead of a coaching institute, at least u will be able to take exam. No matters what the result will be. A student of 12th class is given only one chance to prove his abilities. Should there be multiple chance to a student to appear in his 12th exam from different boards/institutes continuously over a period of five months from February to June. No, dear no. Stop your childish attitude.


  3. More over, today one student after XII has to write so many entrance exams like national, state, AIIMS, Jipmer, et,etc. Think of the stress, time required, money required for each application.

    NEET will stop all these exams and student has to write one exam per year to get his rank and try admission anywhere in India whether merit seat or management quota seat.

    • Even if NEET UG is imposed, AIIMS & JIPMER will not participate in it those two exams will still exist! NEET will abolish AIPMT & State level CETs and few other medical entrance exams.

      • If they abolish state CET’S How com the state govet. will give up so many reservation for there local candidates apart from SC/ST…… In Karnataka there are N number of reserved category’s Ex. 2A,2B,3A,rural,Kanada medium Etc.Its a million dollar Question and to exploit the merit… our politician’s thus NEET ONLY HELPS TO THE STUDENTS OF CBSE/ICSC………..

      • AIIMS,JIPMER,AMU etc. are directly controlled by Ministry of Health Govt of India. The deciding authority, why they will let their share go?

    • And what if I get sick on the date of exam. what if someone dies in my family. what if I get late by 10 minutes for exam.

      There will be no other chance. What if I make some blunders. There will be no other chance that year for me. Do you imagine how much pressure this will create in mind.
      Is it reducing the pressure or increasing it.
      atleast earlier I had few other chances but now only one chance and if anything goes wrong I m screwed.

      • I would like to suggest u to keep yourself admitted in a hospital instead of a coaching institute, at least u will be able to take exam. No matters what the result will be. A student of 12th class is given only one chance to prove his abilities. Should there be multiple chance to a student to appear in his 12th exam from different boards/institutes continuously over a period of five months from February to June. No, dear no. Stop your childish attitude.

        • I think Dewey u have a nice Idea… We should have multiple chances for class 12th.
          And we do have compartment Exam for class 12th to pass in the same year. It is equivalent to multiple chances.

          Please grow up and stop being a kid.


    • you are right but what happens if students misses that one exam there whole year will be shattered also of all statesare not approving neet then how could it be national exam if neet happens in 2013 then the seats distribution will occur only in few states which will cause great dilemma also there will be no affect to management seats as it its legal process only donation will increase and booking of seats for next year has started from this year

  4. Excellent work..!! These authorities should have taken this step a lot earlier. NEET and ISEET are historical faults suggested by our foolish HR minister Kapil Sibbal. I support their initiative and hope that other universities and colleges will come in their support for opposition of NEET and ISSET.

    NEET should be done after proper and step by step standardization. Why govt. is in so rush. I think Kapil Sibbal has unfair motives for NEET or may be he is being egoistic.

    • These suggestions for delaying are all same lobby that support private medical colleges. It is high time that India has one exam for Engineering and one for Medicine like any other developed country. If suggestions like making all the state syllabus as same, we are going to miss the bus because that can never happen in India for another 50 years.

      Why don’t these people object to UPSC, IAS, IFS, etc exam?

      The only way to stop the capitation fee in India, that is not heard anywhere in the world, is common entrance like NEET. The sooner the better for all Indian students and parents.

      • @RAM

        Firstly India is not a developed country, it is still a developing country for your information.
        Secondly if Indian Government is not capable of standardization of all state boards, how can we believe it is capable of conducting national level single entrance. C’mon bro… what is so difficult about having same course in all state boards. I dont think revising there course is such a difficult task.

        Lastly we dont oppose UPSC, IAS , PCS because in all these exams course and subjects dont depend upon class 11th and 12th. after completing your Undergraduation U yourself have to select subjects. And there is no defined course for these administrative exams. It depends on the candidate how much he can study for IAS and UPSC … even a research which has come a day before your exam of IAS..can come in question paper. Please apply some brains before making alligation.

        • initially i was happy about NEET, thinking, that there shall be transparency, private collages will be forced to give up the seats etc. i mean, at the most, private collegees can increase fee, but they cant make it 2cr!
          but now, as the picture unfolds, it is very unlikely and disappointing.
          the regulation says, 50% seats to be filled by state authorities as per domicile…. so hurray for those who are from karn, tn etc. it means nothing for candidates leke me, from punjab, which has no pvt college giving management seats.
          rest of 50% seats to be filled by pvt colleges themselves. although it is added it will be based on neet, but if you notice carefully, in state fillede seats, notification says- TO BE FILLED ACCORDING TO NEET MERIT ONLY.
          but for seats filled by pvt collegees, – TO BE FILLED BY COLLEGES THEMSELVES, BASED ON NEET.
          see, the “MERIT ONLY” is missing in the latter. this is no mere misprint at all. it is a deliberate loophole. no information about the councelling in these colleges too.
          so, what will happen? only one thing, those who want management seat shall have to sit in neet, and get 50 percentile (means, more than 50% of candidates). like, lets say, i lakh people give exam, you have to get a rank more than 50,000.
          its not difficult at all.
          finally, students of karn, mahar, tn can cheer. at least they shall invade 50% of these colleges.
          and for rest of us, just same old things. may be more difficult due to new pattern and all.
          all this increase in seats is just a hoax. dont have any hopes of opening up of privete collegees of any kind.

      • see, i dont think one just needs to get hot and angry if someone thinks that too much pressure for a single day. i think the same. you are talking about IAS, ask about any IAS aspirant, they always say, you have one bad day, and it can waste your life’s one year.
        the syllabus is enormous, no one (except toppers) can excel in all the subjects. you do some and leave some. lets say you decide to leave physiology. imagine you get 50 questions in NEET from it, and you are screwed!
        read 2006 AI paper, see how many questions came from physio. had that kind of paper come in NEET, anyone who by bad luck, was weak in it, should just leave all the hopes.
        but earlier, atleast you had state pg. if one exam was bad, you can do better in next one.
        also, some good pvt colleges like cmc, give exam in them. so, a bit safer.

        truth is, we all welcomed neet, hoping that it will open up pvt colleges and increase seats. but, i hate to break everyones bubble, this is not going to happen.
        same old selling of seats, biddings, donations etc. let me tell you, most of these pvt colleges are owned by trusts. and who are the trustees? these ministers. see for yourself, any college. trust members, either not disclosed or ex mlas, mp etc. does anyone really think that they will leave their easy money? also google and read, kapil sibbal assured pvt medical colleges that management seat quota shall not be disturbed. so where is the transparency? where is merit based seat allocation?
        truth is, in india, it is foolish to expect that corruption will ever decrease.

  5. Medical colleges will never be wanting to support NEET for the obvious their personal interest. NEET is going to stop all kind of malpractices in the admission process,therefore, Govt. should not be under their pressure and go ahead strongly in conducting NEET.

    • I am a 12th science stident of maharashtra state board & I think it will increase malpratices in the admission process.It will also increase burden on students.I think we should oppose it in united manner and should not support NEET 2013.

      • How can it help malpractices?

        You have ONE all INDIA rank and all colleges must admit students on the basis of this rank. If you get the merit portion you study free, If you get in through management seat, you pay only the published fee and no other capitation fee. Private Medical college management are doing these practices of capitation fee.

        NEET will make all medical entrance practices in India free of malpractices at least!

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