AICTE: 327 Business Schools Across India Are Unapproved

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is an apex body which regulates technical and management education inĀ  India. According to a list uploaded by AICTE on it’s official website; 327 Business Schools in India are unapproved.

The list was updated on 05 July 2012, there is a significant rise in the unapproved Institutes in the past few years. Maharashtra has the highest number of Business Schools (108) which are not approved by AICTE, second in the list of unapproved Business Schools is Delhi with 61 and the third in the list is Andhra Pradesh at 44.

Below is a table with state wise count of unapproved Business Schools.

State Number of unapproved Business Schools
Andhra Pradesh 44
Bihar 02
Chandigarh 08
Delhi 61
Goa 02
Gujarat 03
Haryana 17
Himachal Pradesh 02
Karnataka 22
Maharashtra 108
Orissa 01
Punjab 03
Rajasthan 02
Tamil Nadu 11
Uttar Pradesh 17
West Bengal 24
Total 327

a. Count of unapproved Business Schools by State

View list of unapproved Business Schools

According to a report, AICTE Chairman S S Mantha made a statement saying, “Sitting in Delhi, I cannot go and raid some institutions in some other state. We also cannot stop the state government from giving approvals.” (via)

The data shown above and the statement given by SS Mantha contradicts, as Delhi alone has 61 unapproved Business Schools which is next only to Maharashtra. The obvious question would be why didn’t AICTE bring down or take action against unapproved Business Schools in Delhi.

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  1. The recognised AICTE colleges seems to have been derecognized because the officials who visited these 327n colleges are not taken proper care by the managements[not Bribed!] Is it the fact?
    Studentsmare unnecessarily put to confusion by these filthy newspaper informations.

  2. It is unfortunate that the aspiring students and funding parents for pursuing management education (MBA) are taken for a ride by all such Institutes. In these days of high information technology, competition, standards and disclosures as well as RTI regulations, some sundry Institutes fool the gullible and innocent applicants and loot them with high fees. GOI is expanding the concept of IIMs to Tier2 and Tier3 towns like Ranchi, Raipur, Kashipur or Hamirpur so that as many deserving candidates would get affordable higher education. The mushrooming of B-Schools in the last one decade or so resulting in about 4,000 B-Schools sprouting everywhere have to be checked, de-recognised and the promoters be punished for violating the compliance or law besides cautioning the seekers. Hopefully, after some streamlining, a new position will emerge leading to survival of the fittest.

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