25% of Engineering Students Doesn’t Possess English Comprehension Skills – Study

According to a study conducted by ‘Aspiring Minds‘ an education, training and employment assessment company, 25% of the engineering students doesn’t possess English comprehension skills. 55000 engineering graduates were evaluated based on a Aspiring Minds Computer Aptitude Test (ACMAT) in 2011 and the key findings are as below:

  1. More than 25% engineers do not possess the English comprehension skills to understand engineering school curriculum.
  2. Only 57% engineers can write grammatically correct sentences in English.
  3. Around 42%- 45% engineers demonstrate capabilities in English required for the knowledge-based industry.
  4. Not more than 27% engineers show capabilities in business English.

India is one of the countries producing highest number of engineering graduates every year; however India lacks in producing desirable graduates to meet industry standards. As per Outlook Indian unemployment rate is at 9.4 percent in the year 2011. English is one of the key quality most of the recruiters anticipate from engineering graduates.

As per Aspiring Minds, candidates with sound knowledge in English gain 30-50% higher salaries than equally qualified candidates without English skills. The survey also revealed that a Techie’s English language speaking skills is not worth than class VII CBSE students.

Above findings from the report suggest that the entry barrier for Engineering courses should also weigh on English, Aptitude and other important parameters which are tested for Management courses.

Share your views, do you agree with the above findings?

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  1. I have been working for a language course institute based in England (Oxford) for more than 10 years now. I am based in Paris. My experience is that Engineering Students are much more focused on technical fields than any other skills. This is the case in France at least. It is probably partly because of the Education system policy. Indeed, basically at school you are what we can call a “good pupil” when you are good at Maths and Physics. My job is to persuade students that they will make the difference with good English abilities but unfortunately it costs money to spend a while in a language school abroad and lots of them cannot afford it. When they can afford it they are not always aware of the value of it on the market.

    I still have a lot of work to do, this is the positive point.
    Florence Yazdanpanah
    Director of Actorial

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