NIMCET 2012: Online Choice Filling From 12 June


The online choice filling for NIMCET 2012 will commence from 12 June 2012, candidates can lock their choice of preference till 5:00 p.m 18 June 2012. If any candidate fails to lock their choices the system ill automatically lock the last filled choices after 18 June 2012. The first round of seat allotment will be made on 19 June 2012, subsequently three more rounds of counseling will be held. If seats are vacant in the participating NITs spot admission will take place on 23rd July 2012.

Below are the expected cutoff ranks in the participating NITs, the method of arriving at the cutoff ranks is based on previous year’s data and mayn’t be accurate. No conclusion should be made based on the below ranks, the ranks mentioned below are not from official source.

Expected cutoffs in NITs for NIMCET 2012

NIT Agartala 650 to 700 4000 to 4500 6000 to 8000 1500 to 2000
NIT Allahabad 200 to 250 2000 to 2500 4500 to 5000 500 to 1000
NIT Bhopal 300 to 350 3000 to 3500 4500 to 5000 500 to 1000
NIT Calicut 250 to 300 2000 to 2500 4000 to 4500 500 to 1000
NIT Durgapur 450 to 500 3500 to 4000 4500 to 5000 1000 to 1500
NIT Jamshedpur 500 to 550 3500 to 4000 2500 to 3000 1000 to 1500
NIT Kurukshetra 550 to 600 4000 to 4500 1500 to 2000 1500 to 2000
NIT Raipur 600 to 650 4000 to 4500 4500 to 5000 1500 to 2000
NIT Surathkal 150 to 200 1500 to 2000 3000 to 3500 500 to 700
NIT Trichy 1 to 50 600 to 1000 1000 to 1500 100 to 300
NIT Warangal 50 to 100 1000 to 1500 2000 to 2500 300 to 600

Disclaimer:  The rankings mentioned above are not from official source, the rankings mayn’t be accurate.

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  1. My AIR in nimcet 2013 is 846 and I m from general category. Is dere any chnce of gettng any NIT??? Plzz reply as soon as psble.

  2. Hello sir, i got 1518 general rank in nimcet 2013 i belong to obc there is no seat alloted in 2 round can i get seat in further round,plz reply sir

  3. Sir My AIR is 5817 i belongs to SC. Have any chance to get NITs. I am in tension please tell me will i get any one NIT or not??? please………………………….

  4. Hello Sir, I got 1427 (open) in NIMCET 2013. Is there any chance to get a seat in NIT’s otherthan Kurukshetra & jamshedpur & Agartala in Spot Admission Round,, Plz reply sir..

  5. good evening sir, sir my AIR in NIMCET 2013 is 310, can i get admission in nit warangal or nit allahabad
    sir please reply
    please reply sir

  6. good morning sir,
    my AIR in NIMCET 2013 is 310 (open), can i get admission in nit warangal or nit allahabad
    sir please reply

    • There was an additional round after the fourth round, it was the spot round this year it was held only. If there are any vacant seats NITs might call for a spot round or ask candidates to fill choices online. Stay tuned to NIMCET 2012 official website.

      • The spot round will be held online, you need to check the vacant seat positions on 23rd July if you are not allotted seat in any round you can make fresh choices on 24 July and the allotment will be on 25 July.

  7. sir my air rank is 1335 (open) do i have any chance of gettin in any nit.
    plz do tell me how d spot is conducted .where do we have to report ?

    • No for open category you mayn’t get seat in any NIT. Spot counselling will only be held if there are any vacant seats last year there was spot round. It will be most likely in NIT Warangal they will announce on their website with available seat positions.

  8. Respected Sir,my Rank is 1450 in open category.Is there any chance of getting NIT? Sir plzzz do reply…Thanking you in advance.

  9. Hello sir,
    my general rank is 1109. n obc is 261.
    can i get nit Allahabad in third n fourth counseling.
    i d’ni fill kurukshetra , raipur n agrtala . plz tell sir as soon as possible.

  10. gud morning sir,
    i didnt got any seat even in 2nd round of seat allotment..i wants 2 ask u dat is there any hope to get any seat in raipur nit or nt???my air z 3832 n i got 198 as my sc category ranking…….should i keep my hopes alive…………??????
    & plz tell me the expected cutoff of nit raipur this year???????
    thanku sir……plz rply

  11. Sir,
    The NIT 2012 site is not opening. There is a maleware
    warning is showing. So sir how do i get the counselling result?

  12. Sir,My All India Rank is 2089 and my ST Rank is 27.I wasn’t allotted at nit,tiruchirappalli in the 1st Round.Is there any chance to get alloted in 2nd round?

  13. sir,
    my air is 819(open)
    can i get admission in nit…
    and i am getting admission in bansthali jaipur campus….or that is good for me…

  14. SIR,
    i got 2444 (op) nd 637(obc) rank in nimcet 2012. which nit can i get??? there is no seat alloted in ist round?????

  15. GOOD EVENING SIR,,my all india rank IN NIMCET is 3000 and my obc category rank is 800,is there any chance to get admission in FINAL ROUND???, I M VERY CONFUSED SIR,HELP ME PLEASE SIR……

  16. Respected srikanth sir,my all india rank is 3549 and my obc category rank is 1100,is there any chance to get admission in fourth round,please reply me soon,please sir,i m waiting….

  17. hi srikanth sir…
    my AIR in nimcet is 852 in general category….no seat is alloted to me in first round….can i get any nitin further rounds..

  18. Sir,
    My rank is 720 and I belong to general category. Is there any chance that I can get admission on any NIT.

    Please reply Soon.

  19. sir, my rank is 3485(air) and i am belong to st category , i got 63 rank in st category…and i am locked my choices like this..
    1.nit trichy
    2.nit raipur
    3.nit suratkal
    4.nit warangal
    5.nit allahbad
    6.nit bh0pal
    7.nit calicut
    8.nit durgapur
    9.nit jamshedpur
    10.nit agartala
    11.nit krukhshetra.

    so ,in 1st round i am allotted in raipur….
    so in next round can i allotted other nits…
    plz help me..

    • Why did you choose NIT Raipur over NIT Surathkal, NIT Warangal? The best you may get is NIT Surathkal change your preference and get seat in NIT Surathkal.

  20. sit i get 955 in all india rank and 227 in obc in nimcet. in first round allotment. i got nit raipur but i could not report the center please give me appropriate guideline.

    • Are you from general category itself, then you mayn’t get seat during counseling. You should try in spot counselling.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I just read few comments from this blog, and thought of clearing out my doubts and tensions with your guidance

    Sir i am a GENERAL candidate with an AIR 718, do i have any chances of getting NIT-JAMSHEDPUR or NIT-DURGAPUR during the 4 rounds of counselling.

    Can anyone help me by telling me the rank the first counselling ended with.

    Your immediate response is awaited sir.

    Thank You

    • You will get seat in spot admission round, during the four rounds of counselling you may get only NIT Agartala. You should not miss the spot can better your seat position and get in a good NIT.

  22. your answers to Natasha,Surbhi and Subhajit are little bit confusing.Please clarify it u still feel that the above table holds good after 1st round of counseling? Pls reply.

  23. sir my rank is 477 all over india in NIMCET…and i belong to general category…i want to know which college i will get ……pls reply as soon as posssible

  24. Sir, my AIR (OP) rank is 423. I got a seat allotted in NIT Jamshedpur in the 1st round seat allottment. Is there any chance of me getting a seat in NIT-DGP in subsequent rounds?

  25. Sir, my AIR rank is 1335. I was not alotted any seat in the first there any further chance of getting in any NIT ?

  26. gm sir…..this z pratibha kusre,sir i dnt got seat in 1st round seat allotment in any nit….my air z 3832 n sc category ranking z 198……plz tell me z their any possiblity to get admisn in any of d nitthis year………?????sir plzzzzzz rply…..thank u……

  27. Sir, I am Subhajit from Durgapur. My NIMCET Open Rank is 423. Do I have chances of getting admitted to NIT-DGP? If not, then please reply about my possibilities.

  28. SIR
    my category rank(sc)is 29, what are the chances of getting NIT SURATHKAL??
    if i do not get surathkal then what should be my next choice.


  30. Sir my AIR rank is 3590 and category rank is 1021 and I am a OBC candidate please tell me may I any NIT or not
    or not. Please Please Please Pleasezzzzzzzzzz

    Pradeep Kumar Maurya

  31. SIR,

  32. Respected Sir,my nimcet rank is 1450(OPEN).Is there any chance of getting NIT? Luking forward for ur reply.Thanking you in advance.

  33. i have got rank 217 in open category.. can i get NIT Surathkal?? What are my other options.. also i have taken admission in IP university main campus in MCA.. will it be wise to switch from IP main campus in case i dont get NIT Surathkal.. Pls reply..

  34. Hello Sir….I ve Secured AIR 2077 in NIMCET 2012 & my SC category rank is 66.Sir is there any chance of getting admission in NIT Allahabad? ? Also it would be of immense help 2 me if u can kindly advice me what should be my Choice filling preference.I am really confused sir.Looking forward for your reply & help.Thank you! !

  35. ge sir ,my air z 3832 n i belong 2 sc category…plz tell me dat z there any possiblity of geting admition in raipur nit or bhopal nit,plzzzz reply…………..thank u

  36. I have got 260 rank and am from open category..what should be the order of my preference while applying for counselling??

  37. Hi Srikanth
    I belong to the general (open) category…. plz tell me which NIT I can get?
    Will I be getting any Nit or not?

    • Hi Pragati, for open category there is a chance of getting admission for ranks less than 800. You can have hope during spot admission, for now you can try in NIT Agartala, NIT Raipur & NIT Kurukshetra.

  38. my rank is 539 with vategory open …what should be my prefrence. also i m not interested in nit kurukshetra and jamshedpur….

    • Hi Aman, Yes you may get NIT Kurukshetra. You can keep your preference as per the table above (looking at the range of your rank).

  39. hello sir, i have got 864 rank in nimcet. i belong to obc. can i get any NIT how i fill choice. which college i prefer first in choice filling

  40. i listened that in nit allahabad campus it happened two murder last year is this true?? because i got 260 rank in open. and this is a bad news.

  41. Hello Sir ,,,,,,,,,,I got 672 rank in open category…….can i get any NIT?…………according to you which NIT is bettter for me………..pls…pls…pls reply ASAP>>>

  42. sir i got 539(open) which college can i get? also i got 247(gen) rank in uptu. So what should i go for?? please reply soon sir…..

  43. i got 539 rank in nimcet which college can i get? Also i got 247 rank in uptu , so which should i go for nimcet or uptu? Please reply soon…………………..

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