Reasons Why You Shoudn’t Go For A Foreign University MBA In India

There are several questions that poke an MBA aspirant while deciding the course, university or college. Once it was about getting a good percentile in CAT, MAT or state level CET and appear for the admission process in good and known Business Schools. With increasing number of Business Schools in every corner of the city a dozen offers from similar colleges are keeping MBA aspirants under constant confusion. Students now are more confused with admission offers and promises each Business School is making, every other Business School is giving advertisements as 100% placement guarantee,  free laptop, International study tour and other nonviable promises.

We would discuss an important topic on whether to trust a foreign university MBA in India or not?

The smoothing factors

  • It is fancy to have an MBA degree from a foreign university
  • You have shown something unique on your Resume
  • You get foreign professors as guest faculty
  • You get global exposure with inputs from foreign professors
  • You will not have a tough curriculum, as they say it is more practical than theory
  • Exams are conducted in the college itself

And so on..but very few students realize about an important factor that is Job? What will you do after your MBA is what it matters, Indian companies will have a list of  Universities and Colleges where they should visit for campus placements. If not about campus placement even if you were to attend interview off campus too it will create a problem.

Public sector companies will any way ignore foreign MBA degrees, further more according to them an MBA graduate means someone who has done MBA from a recognized Indian University.

Private companies too emphasize on the kind of degree you will have, a foreign MBA will not be a favorable option here too. Unless the student is exceptional they are most likely to get rejected by HR in the verification process. Some basic factors one should understand is that, if your syllabus is from a foreign university what emphasis will it have on Indian economy or how many Indian business scenarios one will have? The accounting or financial rules or standards vary from country to country, the marketing approach or strategy in one country is different from the other. These situations are more likely to put you on a disadvantage, one plus thing that you might earn  from going with a foreign MBA is that your communication skills will improve. You can go for it, if your objective is to learn speaking fluently in English by paying X amount of money just to learn English.

As per the experience what we have we have shared our views, it is far advisable to do MBA from an Indian University. If you have questions leave a comment, if you wish to share your views please do tell us.

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