Interesting Read: Are You Addicted To SMS Lingo?


While exams are going across every state in India, students reportedly have addicted to SMS lingo. Answer sheets coming with shortcut words for instance instead of writing as ‘Between’ students have written as ‘BTW’ and as we prepare editorial news here we do often get tempted to write in internet or mobile language. Instead of writing as ‘have’ we often get tempted to type as ‘hav’, for ‘4’ , you ‘u’ and so on.. but we keep checking for grammatical errors and read the article thoroughly and correct such silly mistakes. By the way no one grades our articles but for the examinees it is important to remember that you are graded (I had got a temptation to type here as ‘U r graded’ :)).

While preparation is of utmost important the delivery of your subject too is important, you may have written the answer but did you mess up writing shortcuts then for sure you will create a negative impact. Those who correct your papers will get pissed off with sms lingo so please keep away with that, and take examinations as seriously as possible don’t be too casual.

As a silly advice, keep off from the internet & mobile phone during examination time. If it seems a hard affair then take the pain of typing the full word in your chats and sms, let your friends know that you are up for exams.

What are your views! Share your experiences.

‘Tats al 4 nw, hav a gud day & njoy u r holidys’..

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