Poll Results: Mixed Opinion On ISEET


Career Mitra concluded yet another useful poll, the objective was to find whether students liked the merging of AIEEE & IITJEE from 2013? The response is mixed, 52% participants has responded as ‘I Like’ while 48% has responded as ‘I don’t Like’, 744 users participated in the opinion poll. Practically speaking more than 50% students will like the idea and less than 50% will not agree for a merge.

ISEET is the new term as of now but from 2013 it could pretty well be a name that every Engineering aspirant will remember. Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) is a new proposal from IIT Council & MHRD to replace the existing AIEEE & IITJEE from 2013. A 40:60 percentage weight for academics (XII Std. Marks) and merit in ISEET respectively is under discussion.

Students aspiring exclusively for IITs are disliking the idea of merging with AIEEE and alumni from IITs are worried that the quality of IITs will deter if academic marks take a due weight.

The poll concluded with 745 participants, 52% are happy to have ISEET instead of AIEEE & IITJEE while 48% don’t like to have ISEET.

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What is your say!

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  1. Mr. Sibal 1st bring all the board under 1 roof,as there are 40 diff. boards in our country,then ISEET and inclusion of board result will be a good idea,otherwise bogus idea.We r leaving in a democratic country and we only change the government when we have a problem with him,nw Mr.Sibal is changing the pattern obviously some problem is there that’s why it is going to change,now i ask the system of or the procedure of admission which is followed over the last 60 years,makes no prob. to us,then what kind of prob. are you fasing Mr.Sibal.

  2. That’s a great idea Of ISEET to be performed from 2013. There will be equality of studies for all students. I hope that due to this exam there will be no discrimination on the basis of studies i.e. no SC-ST- GENERAL category will be left. Students would struggle equally to get seats in engneering exams……

  3. I was tensed by the news of iseet exam being set by the iit’s …so i can imagine the level of difficulty…i am being prepared at a lower level ! Bt when i heard 40% wtg is given to hsc …i am greatly revealed…bt i think it shoud have been implemented in 2014 not 2013 !

  4. Any educational reforms made by the ministry should have sufficent notice time for the student to prepare for the new pattern.This new proposal ISEET for 2013 batch is going to put students under tremendous pressure as they were focusing for IITJEE for the last one year at 11th grade.adding more confusion to the whole issue,its proposed to add weightage to college grades as this 2013 batch are done with their 11th finals by the time this newpattern of ISEET is announced by Mr.Kapil.As a matter of fact..this pattern of ISEET is going to add more pressure on the students as college marks are going to add signigicant weightage in the final score. The vision to have a better test is great idea but minimum expected from students is to get enough notice time to prepare . AND ITS NOT A GREAT IDEA TO change the pattern of our age old ,fool proof and well appreciated IITJEE .

  5. THIS PROPOSAL of ISEET is going to bring down reputation of IIT education as well as add more confusion in the admission process.Government’s decision to go for a national wide aptitude test is appreciated but.. funny proposal to give weightage to college level marks i.e 11th and 12 th is going to ruin the oppurtunities for brilliant students.why cant they go with only ISEET TEST?? ADDING COLLEGE LEVEL MARKKS IS GOING TO BE FATAL FOR REAL BRAINS..mainly because there is a vast variation in the syllabus and the pattern from state to state and board to board. only advantage is for students who mug up whole year and end up acheiving 100% results at 12 th,which is going to give 40% weightage in the final score.ending up with reputed IIT’S and NIT’S filled with “MUGGERS”.Education minisrtry should rethink and finalise a proposal which would continue to give best IITians in future.

  6. ISEET has some inevitable outcomes. (1) Increase in organised corruption at school/college level…… (2)Huge number of court cases to bring a stay on ISEET from parents & students as they will feel cheated due to copying & paper leaks…..(3)Competition among states to send more of their students to IIT, for which they will facilitate scoring through easy exams & lenient checking……(4) Lowering of science & maths standards of entire INDIA.

    • Sir,

      You are right. The chances are that in viva paper every student will try to lure the examiner of board exams for getting high marks in viva. This will definitely lead to corruption at Board level exam.


      D P S Chauhan

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