Myth: The AICTE PGDM Has Got No Value


We are happy to have spoken with many MBA aspirants over the past few months, we will disclose some of the responses that we got when we asked about what they know about the AICTE approved PGDM course.

MBA aspirants view the PGDM as a diploma course without knowing why it is a PGDM, “My degree shouldn’t have a Diploma term and I will be happy to have it as MBA” said Rakesh who was in Bangalore for a visit to see some of the MBA Colleges. We spoke to Abhilash from Bangalore who was among few others in our first event which concluded on 31 March 2012, he says the AICTE PGDM has got not value. One should go only for such Diploma courses from IIM and not from any other colleges. His view is that PGDM is not understood outside India and said many of his friends are not finding jobs because of it.

When every MBA college strives to get an AICTE nod and seek approval, B School aspirants have a different interpretation. The explanation in short that AICTE is a regulatory body for technical & management education and hence they can’t give an MBA isn’t enough for them to go for AICTE approved courses.

Business Schools will have to understand that they are loosing students not only because of MBA colleges flooding across but also because of such sensitive things like having a ‘Diploma’ term.

MBA aspirants mind is having a perception that cannot be overruled by an explanation stating ‘Even IIMs don’t offer MBA they offer PGP course’. Several emails come to our inbox asking for the difference between PGDM & MBA and which is superior over the other. We are happy to explain and say the difference but their mind pokes on that term ‘Diploma’.

What is your view on PGDM & MBA? Share your thoughts!

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