ISEET 2013: IITs Object Proposed Objectives


Just when everything was about to materialize for ISEET 2013, IITs seek more time to study the proposal of changing the existing selection pattern for the country’s most coveted Engineering Colleges. As per latest report by TOI, ISEET might well get postponed to 2014.

As we reported earlier, ISEET (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test) will be a merged version of IITJEE & AIEEE. ISEET was proposed by MHRD inline with T.Ramaswami Committee report, the current proposal of ISEET will swap the entire selection process to revolve around academics. 40% weightage to XII Std. marks will be given to IITs which wasn’t the case earlier, students were selected purely on merit in IITJEE.

JEE is regarded as one of the toughest technical entrance exam to crack, students take coaching right after their Class X to make it to IITs. This is totally disliked by MHRD they wish to make academics more important than the tips & tricks that coaching Institutes teach. A thorough knowledge in subject will have a pool of more students, cracking JEE though is an implication of their commitment in subject MHRD still have different views.

Career Mitra Views

Our views on ISEET is that MHRD should also consider views & opinions from the ex students of IITs. Most of them like the five decades old JEE than ISEET, our poll reports indicated that 52% will agree for ISEET while 48% will not agree the proposal.

What’s your take? Should academic marks take a berth in the IIT Selection process? Share your views!

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  1. y mr.kapil is in soo much hurry // the exact answer for this is bcause he is fully confident that in 2014 his government wiill going to lose coming loksabha election thats y he wants everything to be done till 2013….

  2. who told sibbal to do this without getting even students or coaching institutions alert?this is just a tool to kill innovation in our country

  3. ya our govt should finalise its decision as early as possible. now its time for the droppers of 2012 to take decision. and those getting above 90% in cbse boards will be its my humble request plz tell about the final decision soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn……………………………………………………………………….

  4. ISEET shouldnt be allowed. inclusion of board marks will be a disaster. many students do copy in board and these students make it to the iits.

  5. I M TOTALLY DISLIKIG THIS SYSTEM………..because iit standard will go down with this system……… pls dont follow this system

  6. i have no idea whether the iseet system is good or not. First of all i request our reformers to make it clear. Then we can have a better discussion. please make it clear or it will be better to go with the older system.

  7. Iseet is like a golden opportunity for those students who only believe in self studies… but main problem is with those students who taking aieee/jee coaching… their money and time will be spoiled… but we should understand that in our country there are many brilliant minds who cannot afford money for aieee/jee coaching… iseet give equal opportunity to every student… in case for the students who r taking aieee/jee coaching… iseet would much a lot easier to score excellent marks than in aieee/jee… so why they opposes the iseet system… according to me introduction of iseet will be a revolutionary change in the corrupt system of our education… therefore iseet should introduce as early as possible

  8. They can change the entrance examination pattern in whatever way they like,but the decision of giving 40% weightage to Board results is totally pathetic.It will result in so many disparities and ambiguities. And besides, there is less than 1 year left for the next entrance exam season. When on earth do they intend to make their decision public?

  9. I would request the hrd ministry to clarify whether or not isset 2013 is going to take place. This is such a crucial time for all the 12thers preparing for their future-deciding exams. The stress of the huge syllabus was already there and now this unclear decision of a sudden change will only add to our worries. In my opinion, the new pattern must be put in place from 2014.


  11. though it is a good idea to have a common test for both IITs and NITs, the proposal that 40% weightage of 12 std is not feasible because vast variation of syllabus,teaching methods,and valuation patterns across india. In a particular year exam papers may be easy in one particular board and difficult in another board making a huge difference in the weightage. Ministry of HRD must keep this point in mind while deciding the policy. Any hasty decision will make the issue complicated spoiling the careers of thousands of students. Also the standards of IITs should not be diluted by any hasty deccision.


    • i agree with iseet if you dont consider boards anything then why do we study for that laboriously,…
      or from starting students should be prepared for that MCQ type only,…regarding this bad deeds in boards,..govt should have a look on it,..& check,..but i m in consent for ISEET 2013

      • i must say you one thing akriti , there can’t be two views on importance of board marks. thesae are equally important. but including the board marks in present time will not be very beneficial instead. syllabus differs , ways of calculating board marks differ, and the important of all is environment of giving board exams in different states differ which makes a big difference. in gujrat open book system is allowed , in bihar for example students are helped by their parents to do cheating . this is not only an exceptional case of bihar but in many different stateboards the students having their centres in interior parts of states possess this right. if teachers try to prevent it they are threaten to not to do so. you are saying that it is the job of government to check this . after the implementation of this pattern , how can you be so sure that govt. will definitely prevent all this?

      • Hey!!!!
        What do u think?
        Every science student is preparing for engineerig
        what about those who want to study science
        mcq in board!!!!!??????
        Ha ha ha
        hav u lost ur sense

  13. unwanted changes r created by unwanted MHRD kapil sibbal
    who is thinking that iit is just a toy and how he wants he cn play wid it.
    acc. to me this type of thinking of
    ISEET is nothing but unwanted tremendous thinking we should go wid the same pattern as it is going.

  14. pllzzzz give d final decision……v all r really confused now…is iseet 2013 confirmed…..??????
    in my opinion iseet 2013 should be finalised.

  15. First make a countrywide uniform syllabus, uniform teaching standards and fair examination. Only then think of implementing ISEET. According to me ISEET should start from the year 2015. Students,acamedicians, teachers and parents will be ready by that time.

    For 2013 batch, they should continue with the old pattern ie; state wise. Coz this batch has already studied more than half for IIT, AIEEE and all other exams as per the required pattern for each.

    MHRD and the education ministers should defer the ISEET by atleast two years.

  16. One must oblige to HRD ministry for taking such a keen interest in examination reforms. But

    firstly, it is not understandable that in class X the marks allotment are discouraged and instead grades being given, while now marks are going to be made significant in class XII (A contradictory approach);

    secondly, if a student performs badly or misses this single proposed exam ISEET because of illness or some other genuine reasons, what will be his/her fate?

    THis single examination approach may create an irreparable frustration in the students. My humble suggestion is that all govt. examinations may be without any fee and The Single Examination Approach ISEET may be analysed again without making it a nose issue.

    • I do accept/support your views. think of a student with several years of strong desire to enter iit/nit and could not make it because of some reason out of his control. there could be an alternative system such that, each student may be given three opportunities to take exam on three different dates and choose one (best) result. some institutions are giving such opportunity. this could be one way to solve the issue

  17. ISEET PATTERN IS REALLY NOT OF ANY USE . ONLY CONSIDERING THE BENEFIT OF ISEET THAT IT WILL GIVE WEIGHTAGE TO BOARDS MARKS DOES SEEMS TO BE MUCH FRUITFUL TO STUDENTS. SIBBAL HAS DONE THIS TO PREVENT MUSHROOMING OF COACHING institution . after this proposal coaching institution will not be closed instead their rates will increase . i think the old pattern of iit that is screening and then mains would be the best in this regard.

    • U must look from a broader perspective. MAjority of the students from smaller cities, from rural areas and state board students have not prepared from the IIT syllabus. To add to the woes is the consideration of 12th std marks. XII exams are not uniformly and fairly held. Its not a level playing platform.
      ISEET will be crap ..Should be considered and studied in depth by various acamedicians, IITians and educationists. Only after that it should be implemented by bringing into our system a uniform syllabus, uniform coaching and uniform text books.
      ISEET should be there atleast till 2015. Its a hasty decision as of now. Haste makes Waste.

  18. plz iseet 2015 tk postponed ho jaye,bcz mai jee xm ko bina coaching ke crack krna chahta and i m confident about it.let me complete my dream plzzzzzzzzzzz.i really want to crack jee xm without coaching

    • No Mr Rao , it will not. coz the system of selection thru ISEET may not be as thought of .
      Think deeply of all the C’s involved.
      Centralisation in our heterogenous & decentralised academic set up.
      Coaching (>>>>>>>>fees)
      Class 12th 40%(malpractices and other unfair methods)
      Once all these are Corrected then I may agree with you.

      • Yeah! I completely agree with you Raj. Considering board marks is disgusting. In AP, there was a lot of discussion for phyics paper2012 in which the point was about the questions given which were’nt expected by the students. Who are they to expect the questions? and every one knows that there was a mass copying on the day. Students got unusual marks on that day their fate depended on their examination centre and all those stuff considering such board marks is a real digust!!!

  19. change is welcome everywhere, but it should be in organized way…MHRD should take final dicision in early May…publish pattern of exam officially…nd should put it in 2014…cause most of IIT 2013 aspirants hv preaparing for Old pattern over 1year…and for giving 40% weigtage to 12th board they should nationalize syllabus…last medical aspirants were in confusion this time with engg….after all they are playing with feature of students…!!!

  20. Marks in +2 should not be ever added to consider selection in IIT.MASS CHEATING IN BOARDS WILL EXCLUDE DESERVING CANDIDATES SINCE EVERY SINGLE MARK COUNTS AND 40% I.E 160 MARKS WILL CHANGE THE EQUATION.Only cuff off marks may be increased.A

  21. Marks in +2 should not be ever added to consider selection in IIT.MASS CHEATING IN BOARDS WILL EXCLUDE DESERVING CANDIDATES SINCE EVERY SINGLE MARK COUNTS AND 40% I.E 160 MARKS WILL CHANGE THE EQUATION.Only cuff off marks may be increased.

  22. Both the sides have valid points but no-body seems to think about the 2013 batch students who aim to prepare for IIT. For God’s sake, pl make a quick decision regarding 2013 and then decide how to go about doing this.

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