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A dream of every individual is to pursue their goal, one got to be more attentive if it is related to Career. is a new website launched by Auctus InfoMetrics Pvt. Limited, they have developed a career assessment tool which can help individuals plan their career path.

A quick chat with Vipin one of the founding members of is as below:

1) What is the tool and how is it useful?

a) The career assessment tool will help individuals to identify their values, personality, interest and current skills and generate an assessment report for implementation.

2) How is it different from the available career assessment tools?

a) The career planning tools available in the market so far consists of problems such as:

  1. Too many questions: They ask more than 100 questions to identify the traits.
  2. Time consuming: Minimum 45-60 minutes for online assessment. It’s very stressful to have an attention span for such a long time and give an honest answer in turn it identifies his future.
  3. Inadequate: Results of all the tools stops with identifying what kind of person you are and what kind of job profiles suitable for your traits. They will not consider about execution part. What should I do after finding my suitable profile? What is my career path? How I can achieve my career goal? What course should I do to achieve my career goal? What are the fees, Package, Toughness, preparations? Were never touched.
  4. Delay: Some tools take even couple of days to show the basic results.
  5. Restriction: Some of the tools restrict the users from accessing their report after few days.
  6. Irrelevant: There are foreign career planning tools available online which will map irrelevant career options (relevant for foreign nationals) for Indian candidates.

Our career assessment tool has

  • Five Filter Career Assessments for Higher Accuracy
  • More than 95% Accuracy
  • It will take only 15-20 Minutes for entire Career Assessment
  • Instant Personalized 20 Pages of Career Planning Report
  • Different Career Planning Modules for < 9th class students, 12th class, graduates, Professionals, I.T Professionals, Experienced Candidates
  • Career Road Map and Career Path Formation
  • More Emphasis on Execution Plan
  • Education and Career Life cycle Management
  • Customized tool for Indian Candidates
  • Lifetime online access of report

3) Do you think a student confused about his career path will find an answer after finishing the test?

a) Absolutely. Not only it will resolve the Confusion, this will provide a clear career path and a contingency plan.

4) How much will it cost for one career assessment test?

a) It will cost Rs.750 per career report with lifetime validity.

5) Do you have an online payment model?

a) Yes, Payment can be done with credit card, Debit card or through Mobile.

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