B For Bomb & C For Chaku In UP Board Schools


Gone were those days when your kids studied B for Boy & C for CAT, some books under UP Board erroneously (probably intentionally) printed B for Bomb & C for Chaku. (via) Following protests from parents UP Board scrapped the book titled Aalok Shabd published by Gurukul publications.

It was not too long when a CBSE book showed PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) as Azad State in books, another such incident describes the sub standard efforts some publishers are following. The army raised groans against the sub standard effort and immediately ordered to scrap the books. While few have stated that it has been deliberately shown as J & K Azad to raise a concern, while few consider it as an error.

For sure, there is quality degradation in academics and it is about time the concerned authorities put a break!

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