NEET UG & NEET PG For 2013 Admissions: It’s Official Now

The Medical Council of India will finally stick with the single entrance cum eligibility tests for undergraduate & postgraduate courses. The tests which were named last year as National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Under Graduate Courses (NEET-UG) & National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Graduate Courses (NEET-PG) will breathe life for the academic session 2013 to 2014.

MCI has managed to gain necessary amendments required to make the medical CET possible for next year admissions. Though initial idea was to have the NEET UG on May 13 2012 and NEET PG in January 2012, MCI or CBSE couldn’t sustain the idea vowing several reasons including opposed views from several states (Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, West Bengal etc). Thankfully it will be possible for next year admissions, present +1 students should gear up for NEET UG and Medicos willing to do further studies after MBBS should be concentrating on NEET PG.

NEET or Medical CET will give access to all the medical colleges in India leaving very few like JIPMER & AIIMS. It will be interesting to see the move by the opposing states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamilnadu.

What is your stand? Share your views!


NEET UG to be held on 05 May 2013

NEET PG to be held on 24 Nov to 06 Dec 2012

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  1. Sir, i have 52% in PCB in +2 and 50% in each of science subject. Am i eligible for neet-ug or other pmt entres test.

  2. hi friends……NEET for both UG and PG is utterly confusing type of examintion espicially for students of South India – Anndhra Pradesh as the pattern of examination is very different from the EAMCET or PG entrence examination. MCI should announce the pattern atleast 2 years before for the undergratuates to get accoustomed to the new pattern of examination.PG pattern of Andhra Pradesh is very different from proposed NEET pattern so many students may not even qualify the new pattern.MCI should take into consideration of all the pleas made by southern states postporn PG and U G NEET by atleast 2 years and also come out with the exact model of examination pattern. We are happy with our state entrances and dont wanna share our seats in national pool

  3. MCI is itself a bogus organisation because they harass good students who get MBBS degree course from abroad from the MCI recognised Colleges but they never take any MCI test for the Indian MBBS degree holders. If once they take such type of combined screening test for both foreign MBBS degree older and Indian MBBS degree holder then they will fall in their own trap and it will be clearly proved that MCI permitted colleges in India conducting the MBBS course is much much inferior quality and still those private and govt. colleges are getting renewal and increase of seats in those inferior colleges. Question of single Exam ie; NEET has suddenly come into existence why ? It is because of Corruption in the system where MCI is showing their strictness in foreign MBBS degrees but not at all bothered about indian MBBS degree. If MCI is fixing up some course for MBBS then how he can judge that wht quality ofquestions are made by different invidual colleges in different states in India. Different states are producing different qualities of doctors in India but MCI is only taking test for the foreign MBBS degree holders. Why is there any special cause? It may be just to harass those good poor students who can not pay brive during time of admission in India. MCI is not a “SADHHU BABA”. This all dramabaji NEET will again lead to much higher degree of Corruption because one Good Minister can never do any good thing in India as he is surrounded by all corrupt Ministers. It is my request to the good ministers and good persons of MCI to conduct this good NEET system and also not to harass those innocent educated MBBS degree holders student from foreign medical schools which are approved by MCI by conducting screeing test. O “MCI” how many times you will torchure those student who already devote more time to achieve MBB degree from abroad. Suppose Mr.”MCI of India” if you have two sons and both are studying as per your recommended organisations, one in India and the other is abroad then why are you treating them differently? Is it justice ? Then how we can expect that in NEET there will be justice/ First of all MCI should solve the existing problem of foreign students who are much better than our student as in those countries corruptions are not there and reservation policies are not there. They treat all Indian students equally. Thus quality of the students are much better. Any way NEET is a good step which MCI is taking and i support it. MCI should also think for foreign MBBS student sympathetically like our Indian students aftera all they are our brothers.

    Thanking you

  4. Plz. confirm whether NEET-UG is going to held in 2013 or 2014…..sir i m a 2010 passout student and i appeared for state pmt 3times and AIPMT 2times….i m eligible for NEET-UG or not….sir plz. confirm me as it is important for my career…..

  5. Could you tell me the upper age limit for neet exam 2013.
    The official site MCI doesn’t seem to say anything about it.
    Some say its 28 while others say it follows the old pattern of 25.
    Kindly be sure.

  6. Sir,will the AICET(NEET-UG)2013 exam will also be taken in begali for bengali meduim west bengal students? If question will not be in bengali… Then it will be gravest injustice to the west bengal students…They will be sorrowful victim..They will suffer most………Brilliant west bengal students dream to be a Doctor will be smashed…. So please kindly see the matter and answer………….ABHIJIT DAS

      • TRUELY SAID…
        there is no use of giving pmt exam in regional language… he/she may be selected but what afterwards……..??????
        we recently heard about a guy from “AIIMS” doing suicide just bcz he was not able to understand what was taught there…. what a waste of life!!! 🙁

    • How many medical books are in Bengali? If a person does not know English, he is not fit for being a doctor?

  7. I know students from tamilnadu stateboard who can't clear AIPMT r AIEEE doing MBBS n MMC and STANLEY I'm merit. The concept of selecting students on basis of +2 marks s very silly. these students only mug up important questions without knowing the basic concepts. If common entrance is there sure these students are going to suffer. that is why tamilnadu keeps opposing NEET. So making a common syllabus for all classes will be the best idea.

  8. What will be the question pattern in neet-pg? Which subjects should be more emphasized upon? Will it enhance
    the chance of getting cilinical subjects more easily than before for MD/MS course?

  9. Plz sombdy tel me dat is it 100%sure dat mci wil conduct neet ug ….if it is so den should we prefer n.c.e.r.t nd prdeep’s books??nd what wud be the sylabus for neet

  10. It is proposed by medical council of India (MCI) to conduct common entrance test for medical admission (NEET) from 2013 onwards.

    This is causing lot of apprehensions among parents and students.

    A common entrance test may be a good idea. But, different states have different state boards, matriculation system etc… and each have separate syllabus. Hence the students from different state boards and matriculation systems are exposed to lesser standard of education compared to those studied in ICSE and CBSE patterns. Hence a common medical entrance for state board students and CBSE students is not justified at present.

    Before conducting a common test, the syllabus of plus-2 education has to be unified throughout India in a phased manner duly scrapping CBSE, State boards etc. Also, the teachers of state boards and other boards shall be given sufficient coaching and orientation training to take lessons as per new syllabus. This is a process to be completed over few years. Then only common entrance shall be considered.

    When equal opportunity is given to all, then only common entrance can be justified.

    It is highly injustice to test students of different state boards, matriculation CBSE, ICSE etc.. by a common test, as proposed by MCI.

    This injustice is just a game with future of innocent students from state boards and matriculation systems!

    • yes,I’m agree with u sir, its not good for state level students beacause they may not get proper idea about the syllabus as every state has their own syllabus, so first of all it must have to equalise the syllabus first then only it should have to be apply. As we know that already in india crisis of very good doctors, and this procedure of test will reduce students interest towards aim for doctor


  12. @Dr.A.K.Maity, sir i’ve sent u a mail, plz help me. U are a legend,u have to show us the ryt way. Regards to u. Pronam neben sir. Ami Jahar hote chaina,tar agei chance pete chai.

    • upper age limit is 65 yrs..avi to bahut time hai pyare ,itne jaldi kyun karta hai abhi to pade hain barson !!!!

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  14. Im going 2 appear for PG entrance in 2013,plz inform wheather NEET is finalised or not,if so how will be the allotment of seats,paper pattern.

  15. i am a student of the batch 2012-2013 std 12…frm maharashtra..m super confused as for whether the CET is to b held dis year or is it the NEET???

  16. Who is the official voice here. We are very confused. My daughter is to appear for second year in Mar 2013 from a junior college. The college administration is also confused whether to prepare the students for EAMCET or NEET? Can some from the Govt of AP Min of Education come out with confirmed report on this issue? It is very scaring for the students.

  17. Is there any age limit for NEET-UG going to held in 2013? I am of age 18+ and belong to 11th class. Though I am completing my 12th in 2013, my age will be 19+. Somebody suggest me whether I am eligible or not? If anybody has idea about age limit for NEET-UG and attempts for it,then kindly reply. I am really in doubt. Respected Srikant sir have you any idea regarding this then reply soon. I am waiting your answer. Thanks a lot in advance.

  18. Hi all,My age is 18+ in 2012. Am I eligible to appear NEET UG 2013? I have Passed +2 Science in 2010. Please help me.

  19. Dear Srikant Sir,
    I request a big info from you!Kindly help me.We have been discussing a lot about NEET and it is almost sure that NEET is happening from 2013 onwards.In the NEET related articles, we read “NEET WILL NOT TOUCH MANAGEMENT QUTOA” and following that it says again,” MANAGEMENT QUTOA ALSO NEED TO BE FILLED FROM NEET RESULT”.If so,will that close the window of capitation.What will be the difference between merit and management seats, only fee?.Who will set or decide the management seat tuition fee?Is that correct if I say, NEET will end the capitation business of management seats and will be limited to only NRI seats.

    Appreciate your help in understanding this tangle.

  20. In National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) – Undergraduate Medical Entrance there is a common syllabus, single exam, one result. Medical Council of India (MCI) has agreed to reserve 85% seats as State Quota on demand of different State Govts at MCI meeting. This goes against efficiency and real talents – violating constitutional rights. In West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and some other states there were District-wise reservation in middle of sixty’s for admission to a medical college which was struck down by Supreme Court on the ground that the object of the selection of candidates for the admission is to select the best possible talent from the entire state, having regards to efficiency required for medical profession. It is against Article 14 of Indian Constitution. Observation of Supreme Court are same for about two dozen of same type cases up to 2011. (Supreme Court Case : (i) Minor P. Rajendran vs State Of Madras & Others on 17 January, 1968. (ii) Dr. Pradeep Jain and Others Vs Union of India and Others ,Writ Petitions Nos. 6091, 8882-83, 9219 and 9820 of 1983, Civil Appeal No. 6392 of 1983 , EQUIVALENT CITATION – 1984-(001)-Scale-0894-SC 1984-(002)-LLJ-0481-SC 1984-(003)-SCC-0654-SC 1984-(003)-SCR-0942-SC 1984-AIR-1420-SC CORAM P. N. Bhagwati A. P. Sen Ranganath Misra DATE OF JUDGMENT – 22.06.1984 ) So State-wise reservation of 85% NEET – UG medical seats for admission in a medical college through NEET is against Article 14 of Constitution. When there will be no state-wise reservation, in educationally backward states majority of seats in medical will be filled up by the brilliant students of other states. Provincialism will create a new problem – all over the country there will be a problem of law and order.
    Rama (Hydrabad)
    10 Jan, 2012 02:54 PM
    To conduct Aii India Examination,all the rgional languages should be included for holding the examination.If it is only in English then question is difference.But if you allow Hindi in addition to English it is surely a partial treatment and that should be stopped forthwith for all entrance and civil service examination.

  21. It is not yet clear wheather admission in all the privet medical colleges of UG & PG will also come under the perview NEET (UG & PG)to prevent the flow of black money in medical education in the name of management quata seats.

  22. Such a retard concept. Firstly the medical education in India is getting lower and lower and no one is willing to take up the study due its difficulty level. The PHENOMENON of NEET is quite stupid and it’s a huge problem for the +1 students. I seriously hate the ambiguity they do not care about the child’s dream. They say there is NEET for sure the very year and students are in confusion. They eNd up in taking bad decisions of life like giving up. They need to be sure with a decision and consider all other states and their problem.s As a student of class 12th I am upset with the way the government functions in India. Fuck the way India treats its systems. PATHETIC, IRREGULAR, IRRESPONSIBLE, HAPLESS ! SCREW THE POLITICIANS AND THEIR UNTIMELY DECISIONS.

  23. hello, sir. i have completed my intermediate second year(bipc). i would like to know whether NEET exam is postponed to 2014 or 2013. my doubt is will i be able to appear for EAMCET next year also?? please do reply

  24. Hello, i am an under graduate student. Can anyone plz tel me if our state board hsc % wil be accounted during admission to medical colleges for mbbs ?

  25. dr satish gupta :rule is rule.and if there gazzate notification its all final. but i suggest and i need all the rules regarding neet pg 2013 well before 30th april 2012 including names of participating college and pattern of exam.

    • @Dr.Satish Gupta,
      You are very right and have very practical approach.I wish other Guptas also become as practical!!!!.

  26. Probably Last chance! earn as much as u can. Luto. How many seats have u sold? The selling of seat does not have any language and region problem. Please update the viewers with current market rate.

  27. rule is rule.and if there gazzate notification its all final. but i suggest and i need all the rules regarding neet pg 2013 well before 30th april including names of participating college and pattern of exam.

  28. Hi Srikanth,

    I am not getting intimation about comments posted and also news about other entrance tests announced.I incidentally visited today on this page and found comments of others after 1st comment of mine.Pl look into and arrange to do the needful.Thanks.

    • Hi Vijay, We are in view to putoff the old method of alerting everyone if a comment is made. The new mode is to send an email only to the person whose comment has been replied. Which one do you think is better? Share your opinion if the previous one sounds good we can revert that!

      • Hi Srikanth,

        There seems to be something wrong in new system.For example there was a comment addressed to me but i was not intimated, may be because the comment was not in reply to my comment but it was addressed to me.Secondly, new announcements will also not reach active members.So according to me earlier system is better and may be reverted to.Thanks.

    • mci if understood this won’t it turn into a good establishment and blacken its repute of always doing mismanagement

  29. Jab tak sharad pawar, Datta Meghe, Suresh Bhosle, Gowda, Patang Rao kadam, Digvijay singh, A raja, jaise netaon ke medical college rahenge, NEET is desh me nahi ho sakta. Yeh ek mahaj sapna hai. Door raho.

    There will be language problem, there will be syllabus problem and more over the problems with so called education consultant(dalal) in conducting NEET

    • I can not help if you can not understand English language.Pl take somebody’s help to understand my earlier comment.

  30. Good move to decide in advance unlike this year when it was literally being forced particularly.Though ideal would have been from 2014-2015.To make it successful for 2013-2014,the concerned agencies should immediately start all efforts to inform all the students thru.proper channels.

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