MBA Admissions 2012: Common GD & PI On 31 March For Top B Schools


Aren’t you convinced yet to participate in the Common GD & PI in Bangalore on 31 March 2012 then read on. Actually it’s kind of a final call we will be closing the registration process by 30 March 2012, it is free to register. Several questions in your mind, hmm.. we have answers look below.

Q) What is this common GD & PI? Is it for MBA Admissions?

A) Of course yes, it is very much for MBA admissions.

Q) Why is it called a Common GD & PI? When is it going to happen?

A) What shall we call if 10 Business Schools are watching your GD performance at a time, isn’t that cool. No application fee or registration fee, it is free to give a try. Well the PI will take place after you being shortlisted hence we decided to call it a Common GD & PI. It is 31 March 2012 Saturday.

Q) But actually you didn’t mention which colleges are participating?

A) The colleges which are participating are IFIM Bangalore, Indus Business Academy Bangalore, Indus Business Academy Greater Noida, ITM Bangalore, ITM Hyderabad, ITM Chennai, ITM Mumbai, ITM Navi Mumbai, ITM Warangal & Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies Bangalore.

Q) Are these MBA Colleges good?

A) Of course yes, not all Business Schools were invited for this. A careful study has been made and we have found out that these Business Schools have consistent placement record over the last 5 years. These Business Schools are easily among the top 50 Business Schools in India.

Q) Oh it’s cool there are 10 Business Schools, what is the eligibility or requirement to participate?

A) If you have 50% marks in your graduation and a valid score in one of these entrance tests (ATMA, CMAT, MAT, XAT, MAH MBA CET, Karnataka PGCET). Even if you are going to appear for one of these tests in future you are still eligible. Final year graduates who have a hope of getting a minimum 50% can also participate.

Q) How is it different from a normal GD & PI?

A) It’s simple instead of 10 GD’s you are going to have one; plus you don’t pay the application fee for attending your GD.

Q) If I have less score in the entrance test? Can I participate?

A) You can but your selection will be highly skewed on your GD & PI performance. Come down & prove here that you are worth selecting.

Q) What will it cost me to register?

A) A couple of minutes of your time and nothing much.

Q) That’s kewl.. where should I register?

A) Visit

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