Why The Government Wants AIEEE & IITJEE Merge


They were different and each has it’s own significance, AIEEE was for entrance to several engineering colleges for B.Tech/B.E or B.Arch courses including IIITs & NITs while JEE was meant for admissions in IITs for B.Tech and Integrated M.Tech courses. There won’t be AIEEE or IITJEE from 2013 instead a common engineering entrance test ISEET will take over.

Just cannot pen down what made the government to take such a decision, students are over stressed by multiple exams is what the Government says. So by reducing one exam will it make any change, students have to still take several exams namely BITSAT, VITEEE and State level common entrance tests. Perhaps all these tests will lead to ISEET probably from 2014 but I am not sure if every state agrees to participate in a common entrance test with different boards teaching different curriculum.

So we just want to ask you are you comfortable giving AIEEE & IITJEE or you want ISEET. The point I am trying to make is that if your JEE wasn’t that great you can still hope for AIEEE but with ISEET replacing these two probably your fate is decided based on one entrance test. Share your views on this or participate in the poll on your RHS.

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  1. what benefit students are going to get through this??more confusion ..thts it..they are really playing games with the future of IIT aspirants..And why weightage given for XII MARKS???? WHY CANT IT BE ONLY APTITUDE TEST ???

  2. Everyone i know suspects conspiracy and attempts to read between the lines me inclusive.The present political environment influences us to see every politician with jaundiced eyes. People are just not ready to trust any politician.So when such sweeping changes were made to JEE in such a clandestine manner. One wondered what was the need to make them and that too by a politician. XII is full of paper leaks, copying & corruption. JEE had some short comings but the changes suggested by MHRD were in no way indicative of removing those, but seem to have an hidden agenda. Hence the natural question to ask was who was going to benefit from these changes. Then the students & senate revolted, some directors of IIT were found to be of dubious character & then came this Oxford announcement and things started to become more clearer. We knew universities were waiting to open shops in INDIA, with IIT’s out of their way they would be in demand from day one.They have deep pockets and bought the cheap authorities cheaply.Indians are education crazy at the same time the scientific temper in these advanced countries is on the decline.IITians’ contribution to INDIAN economy is Rs 20 lakh crore. Americans have benefited even more from IITians. Haven’t you heard Indians sharing Nobel prizes with foreigners, NASA employing 30% Indians…..Bill Gates praising IIT……..Infosys was built by IITians . and so on….WHY?..,The developed countries want to encash INDIA’s BRAIN for their selfish benefit.

  3. Sir my case is a bit different….!! Because of a serious road accident of my parents on 26th feb,2012…I could’nt appear for the 12th board exams which I was suppose to give this year…!!
    Although I may be appearing for IITJEE 2012 as all the problems may be sought out till then..And as I have already filled the form just for the sake of experience I want to give it…..But I guess next year I have to appear as a private candidate in AISSCE 2013….!! In that case will I be eligible for ISEET 2013….And my board marks will be given the same weightage as proposed by MHRD or not???

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