Several Business Schools To Be Out From The Race


Call it faculty crunch, poor infrastructure or increased competition among Business Schools several Business Schools are going to die. They have no option, over the past five years several have come to be in the race of making tomorrow’s managers. Thanks to AICTE for increased intake and allowing more Business Schools than necessary, supply outweighed the demand the system will not take anymore. It is time for re establishment the Best Business Schools are going to sustain remaining will vanish sooner or later.

What’s the current scenario

More Business Schools have employed tele callers replacing faculty and kept busy for reaching out students. Media companies especially Print have been enjoying increased revenues from the MBA vertical alone, every other day there are ads relating to Business School admissions. 130 Business Schools have applied for closure of which 36 are from Andhra Pradesh, 25 from Rajasthan, 18 from UP and rest from other places (source).

Ignorance of students

MBA aspirants often speak to us seeking for assistance in choosing a good Business School. Some ignorant students perception is that, if there is an ad in a news paper it is a good Business School. They are right it is a good Business School since you see an ad every day, a simple common sense judgement should tell that if they are good they don’t need to put an advertisement every day. How often one sees an AD about IIMs or XLRIs? Aren’t they good, with foolish one’s being on the paper every day other Business Schools which don’t advertise are missing the link with students.


Don’t go with the media, ranking and other blah every Business School will get one or the other rank. Conduct your own study, there is a list of AICTE approved colleges on AICTE website first visit and check the list of Business Schools in the city you are likely to join. Know the facts ask for every detail, approval, university, course they are going to offer and importantly don’t forget to talk with the senior students.

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