XII Std. Marks To Carry 40% Weightage For Top Engineering Colleges


Apart from a good score in IITJEE or AIEEE one should also have excellent academic scores in board exams especially in class XII. MHRD along with IIT council & NIT Council is almost done revising the final draft for selecting candidates to the prestigious IITs, NITs, IIITs and other top engineering colleges; it has been decided that 40% weightage will be given to XII marks from 2013.

What more IITs may do away with IITJEE from 2013 and club with AIEEE which is conducted by CBSE for engineering admissions in top colleges like NITs excluding IITs. The new test will be designed in the lines of SAT (we notified this earlier); hence a weightage of 40% will be made to academics as well.

This may hurt coaching institutes who make bucks training students for IITJEE, AIEEE and other competitive exams. From 2013 it is not just about mere passing in the entrance exam, one should also have sound knowledge in theory and concept.

The new test is likely to be imposed on India’s top colleges i.e the IITs, NITs, IIITs, Deemed Universities, Central funded and State funded Institutes in 2013, with in an year or two the newly proposed test will be the only engineering entrance exam the Government wants to have.

What is your take? Do you agree with the proposal? Share your views!

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  1. according to me, intelligent students are always ready for any exam whether its whatever…Because they knwo their goals and they do practice for studenis and average and poor students may pass in classes bt new got good ranks in entrance exams..

  2. i am in favour with it because some students do not able to prepare for iit exam as perfectly because of performing well in 12th board exam

  3. Weightage of 40% of board exam is a commendable step but in India there are too many boards like CBSE ,ICSE & other state boards. Some board provides good marks & another do tough cheking and usually provides less marks .This 40% marks should b given weightage when there will be a single education board in India .Now say is this step justified ???

  4. Dear friends,
    I totally agree with Mr Sunil Grover.There should not be any sudden change.Any change which affects the career of students should be informed at least 4 years in advance.I wanted to challenge, in the court of law, the decision of giving 40%weightage to class XII marks for admission into NITs.Kindly suggest me.

  5. hello friends

    Cracking IIT JEE definitely requires coaching(except for few god gifted students) and there are many students who if take these coachings can crack iit but they are deprived of these facilities due to their financial conditions.

    These students score fairly well in their board exams but cracking IIT requires special training which these coaching institutes provide.

    So if 40% marks from board exam is added these students will get a chance to make it to IITS.

    See its like giving reservation to these poor but intelligent students.

    And i don’t find it wrong because it wont affect anyone as a guy who can crack IIT will definately score good in boards but unfortunately opposite is not true due to the exam pattern of JEE which requires extra skills which most of our schools fail to provide.
    And these schools fail to provide these skills because their education system is designed to facilitate ever a mediocre student.

    So this reform will help these poor cum intelligent students a kind of reservation which is not based on the ground of caste sex or religion.

  6. i think it is better planning becoz many students spoil in eleven n twelve thinking dat 1 yer is there 4 coaching bt this rule will compell da students to study well in eleven n twelve

  7. according to me, intelligent students are always ready for any exam whether its whatever…Because they knwo their goals and they do practice for studenis and average and poor students may pass in classes bt new got good ranks in entrance exams..


  9. in cbse exam the 30% weightage of practical…out of 100 marks…each student getting either 28,29,or 30 marks without any knowledge of sub..whether the student is inteligent ot duffer….or may be he is not able to get passing marks in theory but he getting almost 99%marks in practicals…so i dont know that why such a dirty idea adding the 40 %weightage of cbse marks is going to help the choose the good students in iits…but this is the india where the thinking powers are the hands of BAVCOOF LOG….who always thinks only for their own benifits…..

  10. Any changes regarding the careers of the young generation must be timed properly. A two year advance knowledge about the impending changes is necessary to allow the students to plan well in advance.Thus any changes announced this year must be implemented from 2014 and not 2013.

  11. totally wrong, it means d people scoring good in boards ( which every1 is generaly abl to), can make it to iits, i m sure they have to cry their as the further colledge study vud b of iit level. Cracking JEE without concepts was never possible whereas good marks in board exams never assured sound fundamental knowledge. i myself a student gooing to give exam of iit 2013 is feeling this decision , and of course vithout a survey. as my frnds also agree vith my views ( actually every1 does )

  12. The Govt. claims that this decision will reduce stress in students, reduce dependence on coaching and redeem lost importance to junior colleges. However, this claim is hollow and the exact opposite is more likely to happen. Students will now have to study for XII Boards, Aptitude Test as well as Advanced Section in PCM which wud be like the IIT-JEE which will surely increase stress and not reduce it. Since there are 3 exams to excel in, coaching industry will flourish even more. Finally, it is a complete illusion of the Govt. that junior colleges will be taken seriously by students. When admissions were based entirely on XII Boards in the 80s and 90s – did students attend junior college or were they busy in their XII coaching classes ? Obviously in their coaching classes !
    So all the three stated objectives of the Govt. stand negated by this decision. In fact the real purpose of ushering in these reforms is to level the playing ground in India so that Foreign Universties can be brought in the country. The benefits for the ruling party are obvious and best not stated.
    Lastly, the task of normalising XII Boards scores is extremely difficulty if not impossible. ISI has already submitted a report expressing their inability to co-relate data of XII marks across different states. The decision to give weightage to XII Boards marks must be restricted to State colleges only and not National colleges like the IITs, NITs etc. However, I guess the Govt will inevitably learn the wisdom in this in a couple of years when our courts rule on this controversial matter.

  13. This will be a hasty decision if implemented in 2013. Cracking JEE without concepts was never possible whereas good marks in borad exams never assured sound fundamental knowledge.

    The proposed system thus lacks good reasoning and can create more chaos in the already chaotic situation.

    • Hi Shembekar, I agree with your views “Cracking JEE without concepts was never possible whereas good marks in board exams never assured sound fundamental knowledge”. Then I don’t know if the government wants a test like GATE, people who mug up and score marks in board exams can make it to IITs. Cracking competitive exams liks JEE requires lot of analytical thinking but the same is not true with board exams.

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