Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test To Replace IITJEE & AIEEE


From next academic year on the merger of IITJEE & AIEEE will lead to Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) which will be held in two phases as main examination and advanced examination in April & May next year (via).

Earlier HRD Ministry after hearing opinions from T Ramaswamy Committe had meetings with IIT Council & NIT Council and drafted the plan to hold a single engineering entrance test through out the country. IIITs too have agreed for the proposal, the test which will be called Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) in it’s debut year will only be an entrance gate way for IITs, NITs, IIITs and few centrally funded universities.

Apart from the merger of IITJEE & AIEEE HRD Ministry wants to tweak the selection process; selection to these prestigious institutes will now be linked with board marks also (nearly 40% weightage will be given to Class XII marks). This idea is disliked by many students who prepare for IITJEE; such students who concentrate to get into IITs will take minimum classes and represent in their board exams and majority of time is spent in their coaching institutes dwelling into JEE preparation. HRD Ministry and the Government of India wants to put a break to such activities.

What is your opinion?

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  1. Make as much changes as you want Mr. Sibbal.. 60% is enough to clarify JEE… But I was expecting from you to give some hopes to droppers too.. As you must be fare to most of the people.. Those persons who were going to drop this year will have to fight with so tuff struggles about whom they were not knowing previously..

  2. Very rational and I personally advocate it ( the process and mechanism of ISEET selection) will help in fundamental facts learning package irrespective of getting into IIT or NIT , it does not matter . IIT / NIT is not necessarily everything, atleast the student knows what’s what .

  3. ISEET has some inevitable outcomes. (1) Increase in organised corruption at school/college level…… (2)Huge number of court cases to bring a stay on ISEET from parents & students as they will feel cheated due to copying & paper leaks…..(3)Competition among states to send more of their students to IIT, for which they will facilitate scoring through easy exams & lenient checking……(4) Lowering of science & maths standards of entire INDIA.

  4. The reasons why ISEET will do the country good is quite evident. Many kids who mug up portions of PCM and make their way into IITs and other prestigious institutions will struggle later owing to the fact that it is important that a person understand a concept and learn its application for engineering.Learning mere problems n mugging up previous year papers will not help the country produce top-class engineers. I feel that with ISEET the truly skilled students will be given a very good shot at all the premier institutions and also it will become more like BIT-SAT. Instead of the quality of students decreasing it will increase. Concerns such as disparity of different state syllabi can be put to rest with proper measures. This is a great idea and it will 100% do us good. (Y)

  5. we need to produce engineers with sound knowledge of both fundamental science and its practical application.Therefore mastery of cbse curriculum supported by iit coaching technique, both are must. If govt./schools are really bothered about standard of science and engineering in this country, science teachers at school level must first upgrade their skill to match the standards of iits. Rest will be all good, especially for majority of students coming from poor socio- economical background.

  6. Results of a poll conducted by
    Do you think ISEET will improve the Quality of students admitted to IIT’s?

    Yes (54%, 155 Votes)
    No (41%, 118 Votes)
    Don’t Know (5%, 16 Votes)

    Total Voters: 289

  7. whatever they do,i am hoping to know what it is before this month because we’ve got an examination to prepare for…… does not help in any way if they keep on changing their ideas especially for 12th students………….

  8. First of all i would like to thank the ministry department to take such a decision which will raise the study schedule. Most of the students fix their short term plan to crack engineering exam. But the above plan may be dangerous for a student.

  9. seriously, its crazzyy!! first of all, it was horrible when tat cce was introduced in cbse, now even this has been tainted!
    bye iitjee, we’ll miss all your grandeur and majesty!

  10. As an academician, I think present system of 40% weightage to board exam is extremely useful as this develops the systematic approach of learning. Many IIT / AIEEE aspirants can hardly write the answer of a subjective question properly, but they can say the numeric answer of a critical question. Parrot learning is no longer a good approach. Due to short cut techniques nurtured by commercial coaching, students even do not care their school teachers. I have seen drastic deterioration in above 90% students opting for commercial IIT Coaching. Thanks Mr. Kapil Sibal for encouraging to new grading system. But one more suggestion, instead of having ISEET in two stages, one competition comprising of subjective and objective types together may be introduced.

  11. I want to discuss two important issues regarding ISEET -1.Uptill,marks of board exams were not of great significance. Now,marks of board will be deciding
    2.And what about those bright rural students who does not afford to admit lot of exams due to their inordinate fees ?
    And respected HRD minister Kapil Sibbal, make DECISION and not CONFUSION. Afterall it is issue of future for new engineers.

  12. kapil sibbal endeavour in this having many facets.
    1-minimum weightage of 40% is a abstruse suggestion n not in favour of future pragmatic enginee
    3.It will surly help those morons who mug up the thing n vomit when required.
    4.COveted IIT letters are not meant for this obnoxious will degrade level of iits for sure.
    5.both exams r very different n their linking is unjustified

  13. kapil sibbal endeavour in this having many facets.
    1-minimum weightage of 40% is a abstruse suggestion n not in favour of future pragmatic engineers.
    2.various boards having their different marking scheme
    3.It will surly help those morons who mug up the thing n vomit when required.
    4.COveted IIT letters are not meant for this obnoxious will degrade level of iits for sure.
    5.both exams r very different n their linking is unjustified

  14. It’s nice but what about those who r hard working since 10th….?,what about those who don’t have powerful memory but knows the techniques to study

  15. Lack of good teachers in most of the schools and lack of sincerity, the students will have to find out good coaching classes, if pocket permits. So, Sibbalji could have made attempts to solve the basic problems. Hard labour and money will say the last word. This is the bitter truth.

  16. This is Kapil sibal trying to emphasize that he wants indian students to mug up and vomit with no appreciation for concepts and its applications. Moreover the marking and syllabi of all boards is not the same so it will not be fair to all the stuents if there is weightage of 40% marks from +2 board!
    This plan could be put into implementation if all over the country there was one single board with effective teaching and correction of board papers!!

  17. Changing the name does not help.The ground realities remain the same The system will still produce —-“Graduates who are unemployable” All this hype is to distract the public attention from real issues of 1 lack of quality education which is affordable more importance to MERIT. 3 Complete overhaul of the education system

  18. It is not supportive to do such type of changes in the entrance exams as it is not possible to get marks in 2 exams as well as get prepared for the JEE .

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