IITs To Set Papers For ISEET 2013; CBSE Will Conduct The Test


In a conference with state education ministers chaired by Shri. Kapil Sibal it has been announced that the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) will set question papers for the maiden ISEET (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test) in 2013. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be assuming management responsibility and also conduct the entrance test.

ISEET is a new proposal by Ministry of Human Resources replacing AIEEE & IITJEE. AIEEE is conducted by CBSE for engineering college admissions in NITs, Centrally funded Institutes & few other colleges leaving IITs. JEE is conducted by the IITs for UG & Integrated PG engineering courses for admissions in IITs only. ISEET is also expected to replace all the state level entrance exams for engineering courses.

ISEET will be held in two phases; Main and Advanced examination in 2013. IITs and other Central Educational Institutions were also proposing to adopt a weightage of 40% for State Board marks.

The issues facing ISEET

Certain States raised the issue of conduct of examination in regional languages. It was clarified that the examinations would be conducted in English and Hindi and where States intend to use the same examination for admission to State engineering institutions, the examination could be conducted in the regional language of the State too.

The States of Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Puducherry and West Bengal sought more time to study the proposal in detail. The States may decide on adopting the same pattern for admission to State-level engineering institutions with appropriate weightages as States may think fit. It was decided that the details for the common examination process would be finalized in the next two months in consultation with States.

Share your views on ISEET? Do you agree with the idea of merging AIEEE & IITJEE?

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  1. sir what r u going to do itz not the rite method everybody have equal rite not only toppers its a mind game how u can say that only toppers can reach that point not mediocers sometimes we mediocers reach there where no topper can reach we fail to get gud marks in board due to our preparation for iit/nit”s so how can u say that we dont ve any rite we are not wid u thiz tym so change the idea or saw that from ur mistake what students r going to do got it


  3. this is not correct idea to make iits and nits equal as they have their i ndividual greatness.this doesnt do any good to the students except making their dreams and confidence cum down.pls leave the system as it is,dont do anything new

  4. The step taken by honorable Kapil Sibal is nice one. But one thing I would like to ask him, “are you an IITian?” If no, why you are ungling the world famous prestigious exam which most developed countries respects. If you are an IITian then “kyuon aapni ijjat lutaraheho” aur Indiaki aisi teisi kar rahiho. Kisnedi he tumhe llb degree. are you passed copied?

  5. ISEET 2013.
    a. this reduces the stress on students as they do not have to take many examinations.
    b. common counselling for iits and nits will help students as it will not lead to wastage of seats and reduces the need for second and subsequent counselings e.t.c
    c. it saves lot of state revenue, students time and energy and even the students need not pay for many examinations.
    d it, being a single entity, can be controlled effectively.

    a. considering the board marks for such a great examination doesn’t provide level play for students. this encourages malpractices, corruption. any single mistake of by board will geopardise the dreams of students and cause frustration. look at the 2nd year intermediate physics paper issue in andhra pradesh, for example. many students got more than 90% in other subjects and failed in physics. this is apart from the other issues such as corruption/malpractices.

    b. including English in iseet is another issue. English is required but not to a level of proficiency.
    however if the government desired to include English. the role of marks in English shall be limited to qualifying purpose. for example, set a minimum marks in English say 35% and do not consider for ranking.

    c. including verbal and non verbal reasoning is another issue. this will add burden for iit aspirants. do they think that those qualify in iit have less iq? can one qualify an exam like iit jut by mugging up? this is noway relevant engineering entrance. do the verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests reveal the real intelligence. one should go through the definition of intelligence. the IQ tests noway test the real intelligence. it helps only filtering students.

    these are the collective opinions of several students and mine as well as a parent.

  6. sibbal is degrading the present standards of the prestigious institutes ..
    have u ever seen the poor standard exams of some foreign universities take for instance the SATs .
    any average indian student can crack the SATs.
    therefore the jee standard will get degraded since kapil sibbal wants the standards to be of the SATs level.

  7. sibbal ji kyun iit ki esi tesi kar rhae ho pure standard ki ek karne mein lage hue ho……..bas pure saal ratte maro aur iit clear karlo hahaha no concept clear concept…….bull shit :/


  9. ISEET 2013 is surely welcomed.
    But there are two disadvantage with this
    a) If a student does not get to write this exam he has no alternative but wait till next year as their is no other alternative exam.
    b) Giving 40% weightage to Boards meaning unfairness to student who work hard and get board marks beacause in some boards copying is rampant.
    I would suggest that ISEET should take place in 2014 after proper discussion and review. Also Board marks should not be taken into consideration for IITJEE and AIEEE if not for State entrance examination


  11. The idea of scrapping aieee & iit/jee exams by introducing iseet is only to encourage centralised corruption at every level, better to give up the idea

  12. if this is proposed then the students who just mug up and bring marks and are not at all concerned about logic will be in a great profit and the students who really do hard work and study logically and conceptually will be in a loss and it would be injustice for them and i think that board must be given less weightage then enterance exam and if board marks are given more weightage then there would be no meaning for enterance exam for enginering…. i kindly request that this must be read and taken into consideration…. thank you…

    • only 40% weightage will help the students . the main and advance will not help mugging up students-so how is your point appreciable . thank you

  13. it is nothing but a rubbish i think sibal sir do not understanding what would happen to those student whom r planing to drop this year… and if by chance they did get good percentage in boards then what would happen to them is some one tell him this please,,,,,,……
    so sir please do not try to make another scam because this you will destroy the life of a student….

  14. i wont agree with this. we already joined in aieee course. how will the colleges deal with the change u have brought. there r seperate fees according to courses in our colleges. we alredy completed 1st year its not a correct method. i think it be held from 2014

  15. Partha :
    I am much against ISEET.It will spoil the students

    its really awesome as it reduces the wastage of seats and also gives the good quality for the IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s . Its really good for a well prepared & intelligent student though it may not be much advantageous to average students,but in whole its good for the country.

  16. I should suggest that cbse should rise the standred of que for senior secondary examination of class 12 they should be more conceptual and tough like that of jee and cce should also be opted at senior secondary level

  17. Hi All.
    Do not worry. Kapil #@#%$## is imposing it forcefully.
    I will go court against it and will teach this Kapil #$@$%4 what is the Law and miss use of post.
    I will teach him how to be a good advocate.

  18. it will reduse number of examinations but we may fase problem in english & logical reasoning espesially for rural people

  19. plz dont do this to us.ISEET ka concept will spoil our career.AIEEE and IIT are better there is no need of change.ISEET ka books bhi available nhi hai.critical thinking and logical reasoning ka funda kuch samajh me nhi aya.i beg dnt do this

  20. ISEET as a single competition always helps in minimizing confusions. Every one can be streamlined easily and all students belong to same platform. But private institutions and state run institutions may go through some financial loss as multiple competitions are great source of revenue generations.
    However people belong to academics fraternity must believe that contribution towards education is far above a mere revenue generations.
    I remember the day, I quit my job from a senior managerial position with a performing track record with a view to render quality basic education in Navi Mumbai, almost 90% people objected me to enter in academics line. Thanks God, now those people inspire me to bring revolutions.

  21. Will the government go ahead with its plan to conduct a Common Engineering Entrance Examination from 2013. Early information will be highly appreciated 🙂

  22. main 12th standard mein jane wala hun……..
    tayyari thik thak chal raha tha ki ye sab news aa gaya………
    ye saala sibbal ke niyat mein hi problem hai………..
    IITs ka standard gir jayega…………
    har saal 2-3 exam lega to value ki toh watt lag jayegi……………..
    board ka standard JEE ke saamne kuch nahi hai….
    board mein toh koi bhi candidate ratta laga ke saal bhar mehnat karke no. utha lega………
    par JEE ka question toh hil bhi nahi sakta sabon se…………
    bachcha ko acha engineer banana hai…………
    ghisa pita hua engineer ki koi jaga nahi hai………….
    khair we cant do anything in this matter……..

  23. saala, chutiya banate hai . ek exam lenge , usme reasoning bhi hai. kisi board me reasoning nahi hai to phr student coaching karega aur ye keh rahe the ki coaching ko discourage kar rahe hain, sibbal kutta hai saala foreign universities ka dalla , ab rahul gaand bhi chup hai fookni ka

    • this is very good initiative taken by the govt. in present system the student from rich background have advantage. 70% students can not afford the fee of basal/resonance/brilliant/time/fiitjee……from next year every indian will get equl opportunity. persons like giriraj are insects for education system.

      • I strongly support ISEET….i think those who r against sibal’s decision and cowards…they are not sure about thier IQ level….

  24. Firstly, a student who fails to appear in the ISEET exam for reasons beyond his control such as riots, strikes and sickness etc has no scope for joining any engg college in the States which have approved this new proposals. Atleast the main and advance examinations can be on two different dates with the main exam marks considered for state govt colleges , NITs etc and advanced exam marks considered for IITs.

    Secondly, students from CBSE who have never appeared in a board exam in class X will now be appearing for the class XII Board exam which has beome too valuable. A state board student who has already a board exam experience (in Xth std.) and hence knows how to prepare for the same will have a clear advantage.

    The Govt.aided Engg colleges must have some seats reserved for those who appear in XII board exams only, so that if any student who puts all his efforts in the board exam and scores high percentage will also have a chance to enter NITs without appearing for ISEET.after all the XII board is government conducted.

    More coaching centers will mushroom to take care of aptitude tests , and there will be coaching schools which offer integrated CBSE board preparation and ISEET exam tests etc

    • I think you r not aware of the fact that ISEET will be held 2 times in an year….they r planning to increase the no. of iseet exams so that students can improve thier results…

  25. hell …….nw IIT bein a less corrupt institution ……wil nw fall in d same catagoryof corruption …………….Y d hell is dis 40% weightage ……????.board mei toh koi bhi achche no la sakta hai corruption karwa k…

    • india ka future khtre me hai iit par hi to hum proud krte the or wo bhi gvrnmnt ke corruption ka shikar ho gya.sibal ne acha plan bnaya hai des ko barbad krne ka

  26. IF all the exams are merged and a sudent fails to appear at the given single date,,,he has no scope to get entry in any college
    What the hell is he goin to do for one year !!
    Such unfortunate things cn happen with all of us …

  27. idiot government…. always giving
    strees to students….. last before year 10th boards cancelled…..this year medical entrance proposed…. next year engineering aspirants are their target….!!!!!!!!!

  28. Diffrent Board’s Exam will be of different difficulty level and schools may allow unfair means in collusion with some approachable students and this system may become a source of earning for them. This aspect may be taken care of and necessary arrangements should be made . Boards/ States should not be allowed to adopt different weightages but a uniform system should be followed by all states. The weightage of Board Exam should be kept as low as possible but not more than 20%.

  29. Ye Bekar ki soch ha. It is very clear that student’s will have to worry about boards that means more dependence on greedy schools and tution baj school teachers.Also science math are not a joke and apptitute is new tension. I want to ask from last 35 years do JEE is not testing the appitute. Do science questions can not test apptitute. Board papers can be made very easy and then some boards can do it for their students benefits.Boards marks can easily mbe purchased by money this is well known.

  30. sarthak kala :
    i think isset will rust the quality of iit’s, aieee’s and various other renowned exams.according to my point of view it should not be implemented as it is coming to quality of future iitians as well as indians.if central minisrtry thinks students not giving proper attentation to board exams then it should be like 90%for board and 10% for entrance.think over it or else ruin the future of students??????

  31. i think isset will rust the quality of iit’s, aieee’s and various other renowned exams.according to my point of view it should not be implemented as it is coming to quality of future iitians as well as indians.if central minisrtry thinks students not giving proper attentation to board exams then it should be like 90%for board and 10% for entrance.think over it or else ruin the future of students??????

  32. What course would be better for iseet.Currently i am in 10th in cbse board earlier i have been planning to change to State board for 11th and 12th and coaching for iit.But now since IIT-Jee etc wont be there and only iseet would be conducted so should i change board or not?
    Which would be better CBSE Or SSE

    • Rita, if you’re considering ISEET, CBSE board is better than SSC. But if 12th 40% weightage is taken under consideration State Board is better to score. And as your board is CBCE you’d never have faced board exam. it’s quiet easy.

    • You should not change your Boards. CBSE is always a superior Board than majority of state Boards. In order to do well in Engineering your basics should be very very strong. Some commercial coachings are offering integrated programs which are extremely harmful for your future. opt for balanced guidance. Engineers’ Academy (An IITians & NITians ORG) imparts balanced guidance for XII & ISEET.

  33. by adopting this iseet students will be on great stress, because if one is not able to perform in one exam, he will get another option left with him. but now this will be do or die situation.

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