Group Discussion: Tips To Ace For Business School Admissions


In any good Business School group discussion is a part of the selection process for joining MBA course. The Group Discussion usually termed as GD is followed by a personal interview, few Business Schools keep GD as an elimination round while few Business Schools test MBA aspirants in both GD & Personal Interview (PI) and announce the results.

Your success or failure in the selection process has a lot to do with your performance in GD. When a group of people are asked to discuss on a particular topic or incident the conversion between them becomes a group discussion. A topic could be on anything usually business schools assign topics on a random basis and pretty hard to predict what they can ask, in general all topics are usually based on the current events.

Don’t be surprised if a topic is given on Twitter or Facebook. GD topics will never be on sensitive matters like caste & religion however topics related to economy can be given.

Here are few do’s & don’t s in a GD


  1. Look at the person while they are speaking
  2. Maintain eye contact & talk to all group members not just to one person
  3. What ever you talk should be audible to the entire group & panelists
  4. Listen & understand what others are speaking
  5. Your participation should go like a conversation and inline with the discussion that is happening
  6. Take a chance to initiate the discussion
  7. Take a chance and conclude the discussion
  8. Be creative and propose a solution if a problem is being discussed

The above suggestions may seem hard to implement but practicing regularly can help. Be as cool as possible and dress according to your comfort.

Don’t s

  1. Don’t bring in sensitive issues
  2. Don’t point your finger at anyone
  3. If you have to disagree with a participant in your GD tell this gently
  4. Don’t loose your temper be cool
  5. Avoid looking at panelists every now and then
  6. Don’t be disappointed if you couldn’t initiate the discussion, only one person can start so chill
  7. Avoid bring in unnecessary statistics

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