E-Commerce Companies In Queue For IIM Grads


Gone were those days when students graduating from IIMs relied on placements from Investment Bankers, Consulting & Technology companies, the time and downing economy has paved way for E-Commerce companies to go on a hiring spree according to a report from Economic Times.

Companies like RedBus, Snapdeal, LetsBuy & Myntra are recruiting IIM Graduates this year. Though the pay mayn’t look promising but the growth potential is enormous.

Advantages for IIM Graduates

Internet ventures will have fewer hierarchies as compared to the traditional companies and career jump can happen much earlier. Working with these companies mayn’t only mean employment but an opportunity to chase Entrepreneurship much early.

Threat to E-Commerce Companies

Only time gives answers to questions “If it is wise to expose IIMs with a business model which has less entry barriers?”. As an example take the case of FlipKart which is founded by ex employees from Amazon; now the magic is very much working and posing a threat to Amazon itself. Amazon has lately launched Junglee.com in India at a time when the Indian E-Commerce industry has been re invented by E-Commerce players like IRCTC, RedBus, SnapDeal & FlipKart.

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